IMG_7867The Sun Ra Arkestra
London Union Chapel
April 2017
Live Review

It’s spring again and The Sun Ra Arkestra make a return trip across the universe to London via three nights at the Con club in Lewes.

The sacred architecture if the venue forms the perfect cocoon for this interstellar energy, experimental with structure, free sounds forming, converging, becoming, transcending.
Within seven earth minutes every sound is crystal clear, every action is met and responded to, the firmament of stars are in alignment.

If you were to wish upon a star for an antidote to a troubled world then this is the band that would beam into your living room to answer your prayers.

Tonight the band descended here at the Union Chapel with their ancient free jazz wisdom.
The Arkestra roam around the venue, up close and personal, taking the energy from the stage and meeting that of the audience, transmuting one to the other and back again, a deosil energy vortex.

The Arkestra have always been and always will be, Sun Ra was present and in the breath, on the air, through technology, reimagining contexts.

Walking on the moon reflecting the Sun back to earth, the Sun Ra Arkestra came and played magnificent, transcendental multi layered jazz perfection, ageless, beautiful and full of love.
This time there are no volcano’s burning to stop their trip onwards, all timelords are free to travel without borders, so they can progress through these last few European dates before returning homeward to Saturn or the next stop on the way.

Space is the place, and the place is wherever the Arkestra are.

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