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The second studio album from Derby’s The Struts. It’s bigger, more glam and sounds better than ever. An insanely catchy album, don’t plan on listening to anything but The Struts for a while after cueing this up!

The Struts are like a cross between Queen and The Rolling Stones. Luke Spiller has this natural showmanship that is impossible to compare to anyone but Freddy Mercury. The songs they produce have a rock and roll swagger with a larger than life dynamic. The combination is stunningly enjoyable from start to finish, if this record doesn’t put a smile on your face, I doubt that anything will.

Body Talks is the big single from Young & Dangerous and it stamps out their stall from the outset. A super slick production, gorgeous vocals, sing-a-long chorus and a rhythm section that was built to make you move.

Primadonna Like Me has a hint of the Dandy Warhol’s Bohemian Like You about it, but with the energy and glamour that only the Struts can manage. In Love With A Camera is an absolute monster, Luke’s vocal range is stunning and the driving guitar work is stellar. A world-class earworm, you’ll be singing along for days.

Who Am I is a glam rock stunner, begging for a dancefloor. The rest of the record carries on in the same vibe, it’s full of gorgeous rock riffs , pop melodies, groovy basslines and sing-a-long choruses. Even the last track, a re-work of Body Talks with Kesha sounds amazing. She brings a real cheekiness to the already glittering song.

Highlights are Somebody New, which shows the heartfelt and slightly more soulful side to the Struts. It’s probably the strongest song to date, a real treat. Followed closely by Freak Like You, which has a dangerously catchy chorus and I’d expect it to be a favourite of their live show forever. My favourite song from this record has to be the brutally gorgeous Primadonna Like Me though, it’s everything a glam rock song should be, big, bold and effortlessly entertaining.

The thing is, as good as Young & Dangerous is, I can’t help feeling that The Struts are just getting warmed up. Glam Rock is back with a bang and there are new kings in town.

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All words by Neil Johnson. More writing by Neil Johnson can be found at Neil’s archive. Neil is also on Instagram as @gigtog and has a  website here:

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