The Splits: The Splits – album reviewThe Splits: The Splits (P.Trash records)
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Much has been made about Savages this year – not least on this very site – but what if there is an even angrier, punkier, meaner all girl group out there, one who gob in the world’s face and play like they’ll fall apart before the end of each track? Welcome to The Splits.

Punk may be a hard sell in 2012 but Finland’s The Splits’ debut comes kicking and screaming with a reminder of what made punk PUNK in the first place –fast, raw, energetic and hammered home with considerable force.

So far, so cliché, but frontwoman Kiti elevates things to another level. She may scream her way through, but behind the throat shredding delivery (in particular on ‘Don’t Fear’) there are melodies which wouldn’t be out of place on a 60s girl band record. Her voice is eerily enticing, and the vocal hooks and choruses lend a Ramones-like catchiness to the songs, making them undeniably pop, delivered the best way – through layers of fuzz. Of course, as with all the best bands, what she’s actually singing is pretty much anybody’s guess. She’s angry though.

The record sounds like it was made live, and recorded in a garage on about two microphones, which actually suits it very nicely – you can imagine the sweat coming down the walls already. Naturally it also sounds like it could have been made anytime between 1977 and last week. Points like that would usually go against a band, but while nothing on this album is a completely new concept, it somehow sounds fresh and a relief against how heavily involved a lot of ‘alternative’ music is today. Tracks like ’Ghosts’, ‘Broken Arrow’ and ‘No Way Out’ will burrow into your head and stay there for weeks.

Boys, boys, boys, gazing at your navels and playing with your effects pedals. Sigh, I always knew a bunch of girls would come and kick your asses.

The Splits are on tour at the end of this month with The Love Triangle, check ‘em out:

November 29th: Manchester at The Bay Horse with Sex Hands and The Hipshakes
November 30th: Leeds at Wharf Chambers with Broken Arm and City Yelps
December 1st: London at The Horatia with Thee Spivs
December 2nd: High Wycombe at The Roundabout (2pm matinee show)
December 2nd: London at Limazulu, Manor House (evening show)

The Splits can be found on Facebook here, Myspace and Bandcamp here.

All words by Andy Tillet. More work by Andy on Louder Than War can be found here.

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