turn the dial! radio meltdown
turn the dial! radio meltdown

turn the dial! radio meltdown
turn the dial! radio meltdown
Last night there was lots of TV on the radio.


That’s TV as in Twitter Voodoo as someone went on a Joey Barton keyboard Tourretts assault on the internet. It was a Twitter meltdown from Huey Morgan, the ”Ëœfun loving criminal’ who was either having fun or being criminal when he started commenting on the Sony radio awards, claiming he didn’t care about the awards ceremony before slagging off colleagues with a passion that proved that he probably does care. A lot. And also didn’t win anything. Which may have triggered the frantic typing.


He first had a pop at award winner Fearne Cotton, who bizarrely won an award for her show, her fizzy enthusiasm and photogenic appeal is undeniable but her interviews are legendary for their lightweight gassiness. He then had a pop at Lauren Laverne claiming she she didn’t choose her own music on her 6music show.


Apart from the fact this could make things a bit uncomfortable around 6music towers when the two collide, there was no justification in the attack. Lauren Laverne does choose her own music and her intelligence and sharp sense of humour make her one of the best presenters on national radio.


No-one listens to daytime 6music expecting alternative music,  at it’s best it’s like a Radio 4 with some good records and Lauren Laverne enscapulates this with a witty, intelligent show. If you want alternative music you got to Dandelion Radio or other less funded stations.


Speaking of which the upcoming Amazing Radio has left DAB which means that it will only be available on the internet, there has been some sort of contractual dispute for the fast rising station which operates ”Ëœ6 clicks along from the BBC 6music’ both in real radio terms and in musical terms. It will be interesting to see how it can survive in the world of Apps and internet where there a thousand truly alternative stations to compete with.



The whole of radio is changing. With the internet there is less need for the John Peel type who breaks band after band. Many bands already have a following from internet buzzes and bloggers. Alternative radio isn’t really that alternative and plays a narrow band of indie music. Some stations that get a license to broadcast alternative music seem to do anything but and have turned into Radio One without the black music and the rock music as anything that is slightly noisy gets shunted aside in favour of nice boys playing indie.


What do you think of the state of radio?


Great- with lots of choice? or frustrating?


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  1. Lauren Lavern plays the programmed playlist her producer devises and probably has 4 free choices a show like most dj’s on the station apart from the dj’s on the specialists shows.

  2. I love radio. It’s my favourite medium. You find a station that meets your needs and tastes and you’re on to a winner. 6Music is an excellent station, especially since it is a BBC station, and constantly brings new music to the forefront. If you want something ‘more alternative’ there are other stations out there too. It’s all subjective and down to individual preference of course, but really 6 Music is a pioneering station in terms of what it is doing, how it is produced, and the ways in which it is funded.
    Anyone with a grain of intuition can see that Huey is using this pseudo-rant to raise his Twitter profile, his radio profile, and probably also that of 6 Music. Brillaint really…

  3. Twitter? Hooky v Manny, Lauren Lavern v Huey or Footballers on a rant even witness being revealed in court cases or folks making racist remarks. I reckon its all going to end in tears and somebody some where will end up banged up for a very long time or even killed over Twitter sooner or later? Its so easy to be pissed up in the comfort of your own home and start to twitter but folks must lean to control themselves and their views. Tis a dangerous game twitter, you would hardly shout your mouth off like this in the local? So why go global?

  4. There are a wealth of great Radio stations and shows out there, I spend more time listening to Wickedspinsradio on the net and Amazing radio these days. Their shows are fresh and their presenters seem a lot less partisan to big companies and alot more earthy and real. these stations are in their infancy but particularly WSR have a fantastic rosta that covers all things rock and alternative from both sides of the Atlantic, shows like Renegade Frequency, Snuff Monkey show and the TLO play such a wide and eclectic mix of old, new, borrowed and blue that they keep me listening rather then it being a dull noise in the background where I get one or two tracks I’m interested in !

  5. Whatever his motivations (highly doubtful he was inflating his public profile) Huey was absolutely right. DJs such as he, Jarvis Cocker & Stuart Maconie make that station what is is, or rather what its supposed to be. It has sounded to me in recent weeks judging by the content, as though the BBC has been gearing up to merge Radio 2 and 6 Music. You need to get used to the idea that 6 Music isn’t a place for cutting edge music – it panders to younger people during the day, but it is essentially a station for 30 year old Graphic Designers who think its out there and Alternative to like the Pixies after discovering them in 2005. I’m not a fan of Huey’s music (FLC) but hearing his shows he seems a very genuine and impassioned person, and you can tell alot of love goes into preparing his shows, for which he clearly has alot of dedication and freedom. Lauren’s show by definition is pre-programmed, being as it goes out in the morning, and what with sessions and regular segments she clearly doesn’t need to spend an awful lot of time ‘programming’ her show, as it is mostly playlist oriented. So she gets plaudits for what, being twee, easy on the eye and from the North East? It’s about time someone upset the herd and stuck their head out from amid the Bullshit.

  6. OK, let’s just deal with the facts – any BBC DJ gets sent hundreds maybe thousands of songs a week, so to pretend that they listen to them and pick the best is daft – if they did then what exactly do their vast production teams do with their time? That is not a criticism, just fact.

    With regards to the state of radio, it is pretty poor now because people use it as a stepping stone rather than a final career. These multi platform celebrities like Cotton just want fame rather than quality and radio sadly seems to be an easy channel for them – I heard her speak at a Radio Academy masterclass a few years ago and she said that her and Reggie were chatting and just decided they wanted to do a radio show and then BAM they have a late night show on Radio 1! People like me who have worked on our skills and love doing radio get nothing because when opportunities come up the likes of Cotton click their fingers.

    As a result we have people who care little about the medium filling the airwaves. Yes there may be many many more opportunities with the internet to broadcast, but you can only make real quality and lasting radio if you can commit fully to it and because it is all so diluted now it is virtually impossible to gain a big enough regular audience to make it a viable career.

    One of the main issues is that radio people are still very much blinkered in thinking that their sole purpose is to introduce the world to great new music – while as it says in the article, people now do that for themselves – so radio content needs to be fresh and original, and sadly it is not because the real talent and innovators are not the big celebrity names.

  7. What so if I insult other people I’ll get more listeners?
    OK Salford City Radio is best and all other stations smell of cheese.
    Is that OK?


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