The Sonics: Garage Legends To Play London Next May

The Sonics are set to play London’s Koko on Tuesday 06 May 2014.

Originally from Tacoma, Washington, USA, The Sonics are claimed worldwide to be the first punk band, or garage, or hard rock, or alternative, setting the stage for all that would follow. The Sonicsare still based in the Northwest USA.

The Sonics first 45 single “The Witch” b/w “Psycho” was released on Etiquette Records in 1964.

The debut album “Here Are the Sonics” was recorded in Seattle, Washington late 1964 and released early 1965 to rave reviews. This established the Sonics as one of the most progressive and popular rock bands in the Northwest.

The classic follow up LP “The Sonics Boom” was recorded in late 1965 and released in 1966 was the final Sonics album recordings on the Etiquette label. Both albums feature the most daring and dynamic rock music ever put to 2 track tape.

The Sonics left Etiquette Records in 1966 to join with Seattle label Jerden Records. Soon after recording their first LP with the label, the original band decided to retire from the scene.

Following their early retirement from being The Sonics they left a legacy and decades of fans who continued to spread the word and the music. Still revered, in late 2007 the Sonics regrouped and reignited on the scene in Brooklyn, New York headlining two sold out shows.

Jerry Roslie – Keys / Lead Vocals

Rob Lind – Sax / Harp / Vocals

Larry Parypa – Guitar / Vocals

Dusty Watson – Drums

Freddie Dennis – Bass / Vocals

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