The Sonic Revolvers: Suns of Mercury – ep review

The Sonic Revolvers – Suns of Mercury (Freaky Pug Records)

The Sonic Revolvers show off a heavy yet clean modern rock sound with their new EP, Adrian Bloxham listened to it for us.

Sorry, I didn’t have this quite loud enough. Let’s see, eleven, there we go. This is British Heavy Rock of the Twenty Tens, precise basslines, crunchy guitar riffs, clear and clean drums and riffs aplenty with a clear and throaty vocal. It needs to be loud, it needs to be hard, and it is. Sonic Revolver have whatever it needs by the bucket load. For me, this sounded a bit too clear and a bit too clean, but then I hark back to the early eighties when metal and rock was delivered by builders in spandex, you knew where you stood then, usually next to someone else wearing a patched denim jacket.

These five tracks are a fine collection, the intention was not to release an EP but it’s come out as a thank you to the fans that have followed them and supported the band since their album came out in 2011. They have a definite political agenda, something not inherent in the heavy rock genre but a refreshing change. They advocate political uprising and peaceful protest and if they get that message across to a new section of music fans it can only be a good thing.

The music goes from straight ahead hard rock opener ‘Gunshot’ to the funkier rock of ‘Plastic Rock’, to the slow balladry and emotion of my favourite track on the EP, ‘Feverglass’. ‘Sunset Bridge’ is slower and more powerful. The last track ‘March of a Million’ is again head down and heavy. All great songs.

They make music for the edge of the metal and punk crowds, the ones who want a little more melody with their guitars and could easily make the crossover into daytime radio and get their ideas across to many more new fans, which must be what any idealist wants. This is a glass raised high in a toast to their fans and a step towards the future, let’s see what comes next. Now let’s see if this will go any louder…

The Sonic Revolvers are on Twitter and Facebook.

Words by Adrian Bloxham. More writing by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.


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