Hear The Smiths This Charming Man Like You’ve Never Heard It Before – Remixed By DJ CremosoSo, the world cup of footadaball’s not far away eh? As some of you will know it’s taking place in Brazil this year, so we thought we thought it double appropriate, what with all the Moz related news on Louder Than War recently, to share with you a Smiths remix by one of our favourite Brazilian DJs, techno-brega DJ Cremoso.

Here’s a selection of the Morrissey news that’s been on Louder Than War a lot recently:

…so when we heard the great DJ Cremoso has returned with a great, very original and definitely unique take on one of the best Smiths songs ever, we just had to share.

Check it out below:


Find DJ Cremoso on Facebook. He also tweets as @djcremoso and more of his music can be found on his Soundcloud.

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