6. Streets – Compilation (end of 1977)

Shend ‘I bought this because of Savage Pencil’s excellent artwork on the sleeve. I knew none of the bands at the time but every track (apart from Tractor obviously) embodied the enthusiasm of a new movement and the birth of independent record labels. The Members, Fear On The Streets, was and is a classic, The Doll, Lurkers, Art Attacks, all ruddy belters. It was my first experience of the genius of John Cooper Clarke and The Nosebleeds ‘Ain’t Been To No Music School’ became an anthem to level at anyone critical of punk’s musical prowess. The highlight for me though, was Arthur Comics’ (RIP Giovanni Dadomo),  Isgodaman. This is a song / poem of utter brilliance that expertly sums up the state of everything, then and now.’

number 7 in the Shend’s top 10 favourite albums is here


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  1. Already loved the Shend and the Cravats before this, but it’s great reading his unpredictable choices and accompanying stories, long may he prosper!


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