2. Pere Ubu – Modern Dance (1978)

Shend ‘Pere Ubu are one of those rare bands where you can hear four seconds of any of their songs and instantly know you’re listening to Pere Ubu. When I first heard this LP it opened a whole new world of funny noises. It just suddenly seemed so obvious to write a song and then shove the sound of a vacuum cleaner all over it for no particular reason. David Thomas’s lyrics also made me laugh in a sad way. Muttering to himself rather than to an audience. Slightly deranged and somewhat scary. The LP was a sort of Eraserhead set to music and Non Alignment Pact is still one of the finest songs ever written as far as I’m concerned. Also as an ‘ample-sized’ gentleman myself I realised you didn’t necessarily need to be a scrawny, sunken cheek-boned peacock to cut a dash on stage. Use your size, move erratically and make the audience fear that, at any second, you are liable to crash down on top of them. I believe they call it ‘stagecraft’.’


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