10. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Next (1973)

Shend ‘Another great performer who put on a show. I saw SAHB seven times in the seventies as you were guaranteed a spectacle and the music was tremendous. I never thought they actually lived up to the live shows on record but as this LP got me started on my adoration of the band, it makes the list. Plus, Faith Healer is the finest thing they ever did, closely followed by the Jacques Brel song, Next. Typically, I’d bought the LP because it had chrome stripes across the front (always been a sucker for gimmicks) and Alex looked tough and hard. I loved the whole Vambo Rools thing and Zal Cleminson’s amazing guitar coupled with Mr Harvey’s guttural Scottish accent. I had the badges, the posters, the gig programmes and still have my treasured autographs of the whole band. I also had to sand down my school desk as Mr Bell the Maths teacher took exception to ‘Swampsnake’ being etched into the top with a compass. Happy days.’


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