The Sharks– could this be the best young punk band in the UK?

So there we were in the American Embassy picking up the visas for Goldblade and having a laugh with Echo And The Bunnymen in the queue when this sharp and angular blur of hip young droogs wanders in. A blur of harringtons, well creased kecks, sugar sharp tattoos and skinny rat attitude wander in. We get chatting, they are The Sharks and they are the best young punk rock crew in the Uk off to the states to play with Social Distortion.

With songs as tight and concise as their look, they are like a 21st century Clash – they have the street anthems, and the steeped in great rock n roll buzz about them that the Westway wonders had. They have plenty of great songs and lots of attitude and they have already delivered. Check their song on myspace– they are already there…

Check the websites and search them out on Youtube.


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