The Save Denmark Street Campaign’s Next Step  …The Save Denmark Street Campaign’s Next Step  

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Excerpt from This Week’s London Weekly News feature by Geoff Baker 

The Plan To Turn Denmark Street Back To A Music Mecca


“London’s historic Tin Pan Alley of Denmark Street could be saved from development at the 11th hour by a revolutionary rescue plan to make it the music version of The Stock Exchange.Instead of closures of the guitar shops feared by the development, the street could have a boom future under a radical expansion programme hatched by the leader of the campaign to save the old Tin Pan Alley, by making it a new music zone.


Film-maker Henry Scott-Irvine has devised a scheme for a Band Aid-style rescue with rock stars, record companies and music businesses moving in – and the developers like the sound of it.Under Mr Scott-Irvine’s plan the rock and pop heritage site would not only keep all of its historic shops and features, but it would expand to become even more of a music Mecca than it was in the Sixties.


His plan would turn what is now a tourist trap and guitarists’ shrine into a thriving ‘rock exchange’, a London centre for the music industry in the same way that the Temple is the key district for the legal profession and The City is for banking.


Although the London music business is worth billions, the capital has long lacked a central hub for the industry that still creatively inspires the world.” 

Geoff Baker – The London Weekly News – 15th January 2015 

“We now call upon the entire music industry to either support this street or be forever complicit in its inevitable demise.
It is time to act!” Henry Scott-Irvine. 


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