Sunday afternoon and Ryan Giggs’ missus Stacey is no doubt giving his meat and two veg a good roasting after yet more allegations have emerged of his chronic philandering.

”ËœThe News of the World’ has claimed today that the Manchester United midfielder has been allegedly playing a bit of a nifty one-two”¦ bedding not only pneumatic ex-Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas but also his own BROTHER’S WIFE.

It’s alleged (in that tabloid way) that as recently as April 9 the ”ËœWelsh Wizard’ has been sticking his wand where he ought not to be ”“ shamelessly conducting an EIGHT-YEAR affair with his sister-in-law Natasha.

Speaking to the paper through the time-honoured kiss-and-tell device of a ”Ëœclose friend’ Natasha is said to have revealed that she and Ryan slept together on and off both before and after her marriage to his brother Rhodri. If it’s true, the claim is they even had secret trysts within 24 hours of the birth of BOTH Ryan’s two children.

“He didn’t mention the birth at all and nor did I. Ryan was never romantic with me. It was all about the sex,” the friend said (Romeo and Juliet they ain’t, folks).

So, what’s next for Ryan – the Red Devil they claim to have a seemingly insatiable appetite for extra-marital affairs?

As Imogen and Natasha have already demonstrated a woman scorned is a dangerous thing. I’d bet my sweet left foot that there’s potentially a string of mistresses he’s kicked into touch over the years who are itching to chuck in their two pennies’ worth.

If all this is true, then maybe expect a slew of similar claims over the coming weeks because make no mistake we’re watching the very public downfall of football’s self-styled ”ËœMr Nice’.

Ryan knows it too. He’s aged 10 years over the past two weeks ”“ his beady little eyes have sunken into the haunted face of a man whose carefully crafted lies are collapsing like the proverbial house of cards.

I’m not one to revel in the misfortune of others, but honestly”¦ it couldn’t have happened to a ”Ëœnicer’ guy.

Thanks to Ryan and his alleged cheating the vital right of MPs to exercise parliamentary privilege is seriously being called into question.

For the first time social media users now have to ask themselves: ”ËœWill this posting get me into trouble’ – even when they know what they’re commenting on is the accepted truth. Our freedom of speech – the backbone of any democracy – is being disputed thanks to a morally bankrupt footballer.

The moment he decided to get the courts involved is the moment Ryan Giggs made this a matter of public interest. If we are all being forced to question and account for our actions, then so too should Ryan.

And if the very institution he tried to gag ”“ the British media ”“ has decided to put him on trial, then so be it.

”ËœYour Honour, Ryan Giggs is accused of interfering with our right to free speech, of infidelity and of gross false representation of his character for monetary gain. We the Jury find the defendant guilty as charged.’

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  1. The Thing is we never know how Much of this Shit is True, its all Tittle Tattle for the Working Classes to Chew over.

  2. How long til we see the obligatory ‘I’m a sex addict who needs help’ confession? Very enjoyable read….although perhaps not for the ‘Welsh Wizard’x


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