Long awaited, and first time on CD release of this classic Ruts DC album

The original Ruts were a big name on the late seventies music scene.

Not only did they score a number of genuine hit records but almost alone out of the second wave UK punk bands, they were also acclaimed by critics at the time. Signed to a major label and benefiting from a big budget production, the bands mastery of reggae was better than any other punk band while staples such as ”˜Babylon’s Burning’ and ”˜Staring At The Rude Boys’ were anything but punk by numbers.

The Ruts sole album, ”˜The Crack’, is a classic while later songs such as ”˜West One’ and the moving ”˜Love In Vain’ show how this great band would have progressed if tragedy hadn’t been waiting around the corner with the death of charismatic but troubled singer Malcolm Owen. The remaining Ruts, Segs Jennings, Dave Ruffy and Paul Fox with the addition of sax player Gary Barnacle, keep things going using the name Ruts D.C but the success of The Ruts eluded them and their recorded output remains largely forgotten. Many people at the time found it hard to give credit to the ”˜The Ruts’ without Malcolm Owen and maybe it was a mistake not to make a clean break from the past but at its best, Ruts D.C’s music sounds like the natural progression for the band. Debut single ”˜Different View’ with its great flipside ”˜Formula Eyes’ is an excellent follow up to the final Owen era single ”˜West One’, while the album ”˜Animal Now’ also contains many fine moments such as ”˜Mirror Smashed’, ”˜Dangerous Minds” and the extended, superior take of ”˜Different View’.

This release features two extra tracks, the single version of ”˜Different View’ and its b-side ”˜Formula Eyes’.

This release features extensive sleeves notes by Alex Ogg which the band themselves contributed greatly to.

1. Mirror Smashed
2. Dangerous Minds
3. Slow Down
4. Despondency
5. Different View
6. No Time To Kill
7. Fools
8. Walk Or Run
9. Parasites
Bonus Tracks:
10. Different View (Single version)
11. Formula Eyes

‘Animal Now’ will be released on the Westworld labesl (via Plastic Head) on the 25th June 2012


  1. Looking forward to hearing this album ; I saw Ruts DC in Wolverhampton in 1981 and they were impressive, despite the cloud of Malcolm Owen’s death still clearly hovering over the band.

  2. I like this LP more than any other Ruts DC material. Paul Fox is stunning on it, the songwriting is top-notch, and sometimes I can hear Malcolm singing these songs…..imagine how great it would have been then, as brilliant as it is anyway.


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