The Roughneck Riot ‘This Is Our Day’ – album review

The Roughneck Riot ‘This Is Our Day’ (Bomber Music)
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For too long UK and European punks have looked west to the United States, and Canada to sate their desire for credible folk tinged punk; The Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly, and to a lesser extent The Real McKenzie’s have benefited greatly from such favor – said bands should take due warning; The Roughneck Riot with their second album have loudly and proudly declared their intent.

‘This Is Our Day’ is a genuine tour de force, and see’s the Warrington six piece open declare their intent; this band are coming for you; and the sooner it happens the better”¦The album is a heady booze fuelled mix of full on hook filled punk rock coupled with genuine English folk, ”ËœThis Is Our Day’ kicks hard and will surely have the aforementioned bands looking over their shoulders.

Previously released single ”ËœIgnorance Is Easy’ sets the tone ”“ its upbeat, its high tempo with an infectious melody, add to this the gravel voiced delivery of front man Matty Humphries bellowing in impassioned tones “”Ëœignorance is easy when you’re told what to believe” as he questions the validity of England in the modern world “take that flag off the fucking wall, there’s nothing to be proud of”

Shit”¦this is good!

No time to draw breath before a solid bass strikes time heralding ”ËœThis Is Our Day’ to be followed by an almighty guttural roar and some of the fastest mandolin playing you are likely to hear; things get a little darker with ”ËœJust Because’ which leans towards a more punk inception.

”ËœWaiting To Die’ continues in the punk vein complete with rabble rousing chorus as Matty spews forth his general discontent on life and his position in Cameron’s “big society”

Fuck…this is good!

This is like taking the best elements from your favourite bands, mashing them together in a bizarre punk rock jukebox – the result literally bursts forth with youthful exuberance, and an intensity that will leave others spinning in their vortex.

”ËœWhat About Us’ is the album mid-point, by now I am drenched in sweat and gleefully hurling myself off the walls visualizing enormous mosh pits with people raining down from the stage as fast as the Riot deliver another monster anthem.

”ËœI Won’t Live In Fear’ is like the perfect amalgam of The Clash, and Rancid ”“ it punches in all the right places, we’ve got mandolins, accordion and some face ripping guitar with a defiant raise your fist battle cry of a chorus. ”ËœNo Sense Of Human’ somehow manages to crank the excitement to another notch, and is a pure punk headlong rush to the finish.

I’m exhausted”¦just have the strength to press play: and we go again.

”ËœThis Is Our Day’ see’s The Roughneck Riot raise the torch for UK punk ”“ a successor to the vacant crown has been a long time coming, but on this release the Riot have rightly earned their place; its loud, its brash, it’s in your face ”“ you will feel pummeled, exhilarated and desperate for more – it’s beautiful.

Go and buy this album…then go and see them live; be quick because this time next year they will be playing the main stages of the world’s biggest festivals.



1. Ignorance Is Easy
2. This Is Our Day
3. Just Beacuse
4. Waiting To Die
0 .Pissin IN The Wind
6. What About Us?
7. Torn Away
8. I Won’t Live In Fear
9. No Sense Of Human
10. Same Again Tomorrow
11 .Down & Out
12. Million Miles

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