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The Rival Mob describe themselves as ‘Fast, Vicious East Coast Hardcore’. They recently released their new album which Adrian Bloxham has been playing very loudly. See what he thinks below.

I may have said this before, and I will definitely say it again, occasionally nothing else will do. Every now and again you run your hands over your records or CDs or scan the folder on your computer and you know you want the noise, the hardcore thrash of a punk band in full flow. This is what you need when you get that itch, that tingle under your skin that means that the neighbours will just have to duck and cover for a while.

So you stick this on, take it off because it’s not loud enough and restart it, then proceed to wreck your bedroom as it takes you away. You can feel the aggression and hatred here. The music is secondary to the attitude. This is what you need when you are young, something to belong to, something to believe in, and this music draws you in like a trap.

The Rival Mob come out of the underground hardcore scene in Boston, all the members having played in bands across the scene. Their live shows are marked with ‘ shameless violence’ just like this music demands. What a way to let it all out, screaming along to these minute odd long songs. This is the band’s debut release for Revelation records and its bloody ace.


There are twelve songs here and most clock in at around a minute and a half, only two top two  minutes long, this of course is perfect. The music we have here, hardcore punk, aggressive thrash and grind, doesn’t need to be long, it’s best as a sharp punch to the back of the head, a bright flash of light straight to the back of the eye, it’s immediate and hard. The songs are, for the most part a mixture of fast thrash with slower hard chugging, this pattern is interspersed throughout the songs and works bloody marvelously. It doesn’t need to be clever and it doesn’t need to be a great step forward musically, it just needs to get out the anger and frustration that these guys and many of their fans are feeling. The pure adrenaline aggression of the music lets you scream out everything that’s been bothering you and make you feel whole again. That’s why kids love it, teenagers pounding on each other and throwing each other around will always be brilliant and I’m guessing that when these guys play live they provide many opportunities for that.

Bottom line is, if you like Punk, Hardcore and Thrash you will like this. If you feel like crap and wish everyone would just get off your back, sit in your room and wonder why no one understands you then you will like this. If you ever got punched at the front of a gig while catching stage divers and screaming along then you will bloody love this. It’s a brilliant slice of Hardcore. Get on it.

The Rival Mob’s unofficial page on facebook is here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.



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