The Rising with special guests Stepford Wives: The Salty Dog, Northwich  21/9/2019 Gig Preview

This Saturday, 21st Sept 2019.

The Rising…. Hit the North


Sometimes LTW are accused of sticking to Manchester bands. Well fuck the accusers! The Rising released an important album by anyones standards last year. Hailing from Southampton they have a Manc swagger yet have the psychedelic mod sound and an album that made our Top 20 albums of the year according to me and Ged Babey (another LTW writer). They’re working class, working hard and sometimes make it oop North. You seriously need to check them out at one of the best Northern venues around, The Salty Dog. To top the whole event off we have the brilliant Stepford Wives as support, another LTW discovery that fuck shit up on the live stage!

What fucks me off big time today is how Liam and Noel are fighting to make music on their own terms. Liam’s stuck to the tried and tested Oasis formula which is no bad thing if that’s your bag. Noel is trying in vain to be different yet churning out 80’s pop shit whilst trying to be psychedelic which doesn’t wash with me. The Rising have their comparisons but have no illusions about melding the two. Tommy Overington and co have produced a cracking album. No pretence, Tommy states his influences with honesty and the tunes say it all. Oasis, The Who, Tame Impala, The Kinks, Small Faces, proper Mod meets Manc with a heart on the sleeve. Just talented Southern musicians with a love for Mod and Mancunia who need this stuff heard by his Northern counterparts. They need to be heard. Fuckin’ end of….

>Here are edited highlights from the album review from last year by my mate Ged Babey

The Rising – Are You Ready To Fly? (Detour)

The world is yours to claim.  Seize this moment!
Basically, ‘Are You Ready To Fly?’ is the album Oasis and Stone Roses fans have been waiting for (whether they knew it or not!).  A ‘new band’ but with the same kind of attitude and equally good tunes. A similar self-belief and work ethic. working, playing and partying equally as hard and making as many people dance and smile and singalong as they can.  This is instantly accessible music.  This is music for real people.  The ones who only buy one or two albums a year…


The title track, the opening number is the best.  It’s the one which should be the ‘hit single’. It’s an anthem full of positive energy and self-motivation. Ambition fuelled by love or drugs or both or neither, just a determination, a need.   It builds from an ascending bass line and floor-tom and Emily Blackledge’s soulful voice before the momentum takes it and Tommy Overington rides the waves of choppy guitar with his words.  When the chorus kicks in, it’s a perfect storm.

So Find…Yourself…. By loosing all your inhibitions 
Life itself …. doesn’t need to have restrictions
Take the leap, don’t look down, the end is far from nigh. 
Are you Ready To Fly?


A great pop-song with a stinging guitar motif which appears thirteen seconds in and is then saved for the outro.   It’s the Risings defining moment.  Their ‘Fools Gold’ or their equivalent to the Teardrop Explodes ‘Reward’….talking of which, the album was engineered by an old mate of Julian Cope, Tim Lewis or Thighpaulsandra as he is better known.

If you have read the Working Class Heroes interview the frontman gave you’ll know that The Rising do wear their hearts on their sleeve as far as inspirations go.  There is a heavy Lennon and a lighter Liam influence throughout the album
Lord, Please Show Me The Way To Go takes Lennon onto the Northern Soul dancefloor, whilst the epic Feels Like I’m Dreaming But It’s Real takes Double Fantasy era vocals on a trip with some amazing Back-to-the-Future keyboards from Liam Dixon ( former Neville Staples keyboard-player no less.)

Talking about the album and the influences Tommy draws a line from Mod to  Psych – Small Faces , the Chocolate Watchband and The 13th Floor Elevators thru to  Revolver and Sgt Pepper to modern psych pop bands like Tame Impala and Temples. And add to that movie music…

 The Rising sound familiar, but they are brand new. They sound ‘old-fashioned’, but they are modern, they are Now!  They are the blokes down the pub with a thousand stories and jokes but against all the odds they have produced a classic album of British working class pop music.
Full review here
Waynes full review here


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Words by Wayne Carey.  His author profile is here and you can catch his  website here 
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