The Rising / Stepford Wives: The Salty Dog, Northwich – live review

The Rising | Stepford Wives
The Salty Dog, Northwich
Saturday 21st September.

Southampton band The Rising make the long drive up to Northwich as just a four piece with their own brand of Mod meets Manc tunes. And what better support could they get but a fresh blast from Greater Manchester newcomers Stepford Wives? Wayne AF Carey hits the streets once again to check them out.

The Rising / Stepford Wives: The Salty Dog, Northwich – live review
Stepford Wives are starting to make a noise on the streets at the moment with their blast of indie punk that shows tonight. This is only their seventh gig and they get stronger with every set. They’ve filled in as support at the last minute and its great to see them make their debut at The Dog. I last saw them at Jimmys in Manchester and you could see the potential straight off. This is a totally different set full of new songs and the mixture of experience and youth is showing. Dom is the more laid back one in the band and he’s watching every move as lead singer Nik bounces with energy with his 17 year old sidekick Rowan fucking with that bass and looking angry as he blasts out the backing vocals. They do a great set of stuff including a top as fuck Dead People, the Ska tinged anthem I Can’t Fight and a cracking new one Magnets. Their drummer Jerrod has to have a worthy mention as he twats those drums like a demon, and someone in passing tells me he’s drums and looks like a teenage Topper Headon. The set ends with an excellent Soulwaves and the audience are more than happy.

The Rising / Stepford Wives: The Salty Dog, Northwich – live review
Last time The Rising were up here they played Manchester’s Breadshed and I’m informed they made a few fans with their Mod / Northern Soul type Manc swagger. Tommy is confident in presence and looks so comfortable on stage with his depleted band. Which means we don’t get the psychedelic side of them tonight due to lack of keyboards. This means nothing though as they prove tonight.The set includes a lot of stuff from their self titled debut album and it’s a step back in time to those heady days of early Small Faces and Kinks which is where some of Tommy’s influences are grounded. They have a modern twist yet retro sound, with tracks like Daydreaming and Bring Me Back To Life. Yet they drop in a track like lead single from their great album Are You Ready To Fly? and you can see his love for Mancunia and Lennon. Tommy has the swagger of Gallagher yet is more animated and looks like he enjoys every minute of it. Especially when he gets the tambourine out and starts arsing about in his deranged way. It’s proper upbeat stuff and the Northern Soul flecked Lord Please Show Me The Way To Go gets us grooving. As I said earlier, I’d love to see them back with a full band and more from the new album, however as sets go this was a joy to watch and to see the audience enjoying the vibes was great stuff for a Southampton band who should be much bigger than they are. Just listen to Are You Ready To Fly? and you’ll be converted.

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Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his  website here

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