The DJ is a crucial part of must culture- the great DJ’s have broken barriers and been prime movers in their scenes- just look at Mike pickering at the hacienda in Manchester- not only the most important DJ at that club but one of the key players in the Manchester music culture at the time. Great DJing is a skill- effortlessly blending music or pushing the boundaries like the great Andrew Weatherall but sometimes we have to ask ourselves are superstar DJ’s overpaid and out of touch?

Some of them like, Skrillex are currently key figures in music culture- part of a breaking wave in the USA and shapeshifting music to new places and spaces but some of the others must have great managers and agents. The list below shows how much money can be earned in DJIng and makes some of the big names look like lumbering well paid dinosaurs pushing the truly talented aside with their bulging wallets…what do you think?

the rise of the dinosaur DJ –  are superstar DJ’s overpaid and out of touch?

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  1. Pickering sought out new music, and he presented it to us, he gave it to us, we decided what we were going to do with it.

    So we were grateful, and respectful of the graft he had put in for us.

    But the truth is, we don’t need guiding to the far corners of the music world now, we have the whole world of music at our fingertips, Twitter is Mike Pickering now. The need is already being fed.

    Today’s ‘Superstar DJ’s’ aren’t dealing in needs now, they deal in wants; they aren’t finding music any more, they’re making it, moreover manufacturing it.

    They aren’t giving us anything, they are selling it.

    And I ain’t buying it.


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