should Gary Glitter be allowed on TOTP repeats?
should Gary Glitter be allowed on TOTP repeats?

the return of Top Of The Pops
BBC dusts down popular format....the return of Top Of The Pops

Top Of The Pops is not set for a partial return next month.

The BBC have been in tocuh with us to point out that the format is not being brought back and will be the straight chart show format.

‘This is the Chart Show for the 21st century. I’m very excited about this innovation. Young people will be logging on to listen, watch and take part in the show. I hope that this will be to our young listeners what listening to the chart and waiting to record your favourite pop songs was for another generation.’

The legendary show, which defined British pop culture for 42 years before being cut by the BBC in 2006 will be returning ‘on line’ on Sunday February 26th.

BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart show was rumoured to have been revamped in a style similar to Top Of The Pops next month.

The hour long programme chart show programme will show videos of the Top 10 and viewers will be able interact with the show via Facebook and Twitter.

Once, Top Of The Pops was the key programme in pop culture; but with the death of the charts it’s meaning has become muted. It’s a welcome semi return though.
Is this enough?

DO we still need Top Of The Pops?

Do the singles charts mean anything anymore?

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  1. Thursday nights Top of the Pops kept an entire generation talking about music. That’s gone now. It would nice to get that back, but I wonder if it is possible?

  2. Thursday nights only got the nation talking about music in the charts and no other music or musicians got any recognition what so ever. It was also just about money and record sales and quantity over quality. Since demise of totp in 2006 people young and old have reached a little further to see what is out there. The internet gives people the freedom of choice to pick and choose the music they like and has inspired a nation to be music lovers and not a nation that just loves the music they like from a drip feed of chart music from a daily/hourly rotation on BBC radio. I would say some things are just best left dead.

  3. Sounds like the BBC is getting desperate. TOTP was never “good” it was just ok – leave it where it is in the dustbin of history


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