The Updated Ultimate Guide On Where To Find New Music In A Post-Peel World

Back on June 6th 2011 we published an article titled “The ultimate guide on where to find new music in a post-Peel world.” With tomorrow being the tenth anniversary of the great man’s death it seems appropriate to pick this mantle up once again and run an updated version of the same. So read on – and feel free to contribute if I’ve missed anyone or anything!

Three and a bit years and the dilemma we outlined in the intro to the original piece still stands true – if not more so:

“With no John Peel around anymore to help us discover new music we’re a bit stuck aren’t we? Or are we? There are still loads of great music out there but today’s dilemma is who and where to turn to to try to help us weed out the small amount of wheat from all that chaff. This handy guide, we hope, can help you achieve that goal.”

“More so…” I say? Indeed! With the BBC reeling in the face of cuts to funding and with many of those cuts bewilderingly falling on Radio 1 for some reason (we wrote about the axing of Mike Davies punk show but that just scratched the surface of what happened to radio 1 in the recent bout of cuts, dressed up, as ever, as a “re-organisation”, which saw many of the more niche DJs kicked into the long grass and the blander DJs shows extended by an hour – or, in many cases, much more) … yes, very much more so!

Along with the punk show perhaps even more disturbingly from an ex-Peel listeners perspective, went Radio 1’s “Introducing shows” which readers will remember were put on the BBC in the first place as a nod to the sterling work of Mr John Peel.  So originally there were four “Introducing” shows, one for every part of the UK. These got cut to one Huw Stephens show on a Weds and one excellent show by Jen (Long) and Ally (McCrae) on Sunday (which, heavens to betsy, even included the odd track of punk, hardcore and heavy rock.) Both were at midnight, natch, but that didn’t matter – we have the iPlayer now after all, not to mention our DAB radios with memory cards which, unlike the tapes we used to use, don’t get corrupted after a couple of recordings!

Now, though, without a single word of protest it seems, those shows have gone.

Granted there are still Introducing shows “in the regions” but even they have suffered under the cuts. My local show, in the South West, used to be three or four different programmes based in Gloucs, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall (I may be wrong about them so don’t hold me to it!) but have now been rolled into one based in Bristol. Also granted, Huw Stephens now has 4 x 3 hour shows and he does get people from the regions’ shows onto his own for tips but can we wallow through all the other stuff he plays for the tiny amount of gold dust? Plus there are still huge swathes of music Huw doesn’t really play – such as the afore-mentioned punk and the heavier end of the rock spectrum. I’d proper wet myself for instance in Huw played something off the new Winterfylleth album say! And I can’t ever remember hearing him play any contemporary jazz, african music, reggae, folk music etc etc etc.

But I’m getting sidetracked! The good news is that most of the shows I wrote about last time I did this are still alive and kicking. Although there has been some close shaves! I’m thinking of On The Wire here in particular, which, by the skin of its teeth, is still firing away on all cylinders, recently celebrating it’s 30th anniversary (which we covered in great depth.) Dandelion Radio is perhaps not quite the station it used to be, largely on account of the loss of the peerless DJ Marcelle and, as I’m sure he’ll agree, to a slightly lesser extent the loss of Paul Ackroyd. It’s now a far less experimental station and also far less likely to stop you in your tracks, but by heck, it’s still bloody brilliant and still the place I discover more music / bands than anywhere else. They’re always on the look out for new DJs so if you fancy getting on there drop em a line why dontcha? Sadly it’s still very white and very male (shout out and high five to Lee Adcock who replaces Marcelle as the “honourable exception”) so I imagine they’ll especially welcome people who don’t fall into both those categories!

I’m using Mixcloud a lot more than ever before and it seems I’m not alone – I enlisted the help of some of those Dandelion Radio DJs to try to find out where they discover new music and got mainly Mixcloud links back – some of which I didn’t already have! Dandelion Radio themselves archive all their shows there now a month after they go out on air proper. All the best DJs seem to use Mixcloud, actually and they have a handy notification system alerting you to new uploads so if you’re archive your radio shows somewhere I’d recommend there.

So yeah, enough of my analysing, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The rules are simple. This isn’t a list of how to discover new bands per se, so “” or “getting to your gigs early enough to catch the support band” (which I presume you all do anyway) isn’t in the list below. This is a list of old school, DJ led shows. So also a pure mix of music with no talk doesn’t count I’m afraid. Sorry. We are looking for replacements to Peel’s old show after all. A follow-up article listing all other places is a good call though, so watch out for that in future.

One quick shout out before I start – last time I did this Dan shouted out in the comments thus:

“What, no mention of WFMU, possibly the longest running freeform radio station in the world?! There are too many great shows on this NJ based station to mention but I’ll just say that Ken and Charlie’s shows make dandelion radio sound normal! Go check em out…

Good call dude, and yeah, very much my bad for not tipping my hat in the direction of those guys first time! I’d really love to find out more about it though so if there are any WFMU-o-phile’s out there who want to do an “introducing” article about the station please get in touch – you can find my address on the “About” page of the site.

Oh – and don’t forget our own John Robb now has a show on Team Rock of course!

So here we go. I’m not going to list things in order of preference because obviously what’s favourite for me probably isn’t for you. Also, if the original description still holds true I’m not going to change it. That would be a ridiculous waste of my time!

The first group of shows come under the general heading:

1. Internet Radio Stations.

Great to see most of the stations in the original post are still alive and well and have gone from strength to strength in the main. There’s only one I had to delete I think. Plus a few more additions.

First: Dandelion Radio. Despite what I said about these being in no order this is my favourite music show of any kind anywhere. I expect the majority of you will be familiar with Dandelion. I know Louder Than War’s own John Robb is a big fan of Dandelion Radio. All  DJs (& backroom boys & girls) dedicate their time on a voluntary basis. They came together soon after John Peel’s death and are committed to not only keeping his memory alive, but also to keeping the essence of what his life’s work was all about alive. Dandelion Radio provides a unique listening experience, skipping around every music genre you can imagine & keeping the focus almost exclusively on music ‘of the moment’, it’s made by people around the world (but mainly in the UK) who are totally passionate about what they do.

I treat Dandelion in the same way I used to treat John Peel’s show. I always record the whole of the looping schedule (or the 8-10 individual DJs shows anyway) at the start of the month then work my way back through it during the rest of the month, usually at least twice. This is mainly because they put tracklists up retrospectively (i.e. January’s go up in February.) You tend to get around about twenty-odd hours of new shows each month which loop till the start of the next month. Their DJs all have their own mores and all play different kinds of music. None of they really cover the whole scope of what Peel used to play but between they lot of them they come close. Could do with more of the hard stuff – hardcore, thrash, grind and black metal of course – but such is the case everywhere it seems. But anyway, if you don’t like the first DJ you hear chances are you’ll like the second. Or the third. I definitely implore anyone who used to listen to and enjoy John Peel to spend a few hours listening to Dandelion if you aren’t already. Oh, and having just mentioned the festive 50, Dandelion radio is now its official home.

Second: Radio 23: “A Freeform radio station dedicated to providing an international artistic platform for innovative and creative home broadcasters”. Most of the DJs are pretty good so just take a chance and tune in. Zaph Mann’s show is the beez kneez, mind, and once you know the name is ‘In Memory Of John Peel‘ you know you’re in safe hands. (See “podcasts” below too.)

Third: Rinse Fm. I’m guessing most of you who like your music electronic will be well aware of the wonder that is Rinse FM. It’s been going since 1994 and was operating as a pirate radio station until at long last it was awarded a community radio license last year. It’s got a quite flabbergasting list of quality DJs from the world of electronic music and there is definitely no way I’m going to single out one for special attention. I just turn it on whenever I’m in the mood for some chest rattling bassy beats.

Fourth: Resonance Radio. They aren’t exclusively a music radio station but have a lot of really cool music shows on their station. They have “regular weekly contributions from nearly two hundred musicians, artists, thinkers, critics, activists and instigators”. We especially recommend Baba Yaga’s Hut at noon – new music with Anthony Chalmers.

Fifth: Seeks Music. Just as Dandelion Radio was born from the loss of John Peel from our airwaves so Seeks Music was dreamed up into existence when it seemed likely that 6Music was going to be axed. As we all now know 6Music was saved, but despite that the founding folks of Seeks Music decided they still had something to contribute. Personally I actually think their output is superior to that of 6Music. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourselves. I find the best way to keep abreast of what they’re offering is to follow them on Mixcloud and get email or RSS updates of when new shows are posted.

Sixth: Samurai FM: My attention was drawn to it by one of Dandelion Radio’s DJs (Paul Ackroyd) who had a show on it called Kamikazi. Their brief is to “feature the freshest sounds from the international scene, not limited to a narrow range of music, we promote everything that is good; new and exciting, or old and timeless.” Which sounds like a pretty good brief to me.

Seventh: Passion Radio: Local internet radio stations are brilliant. I live in Bristol and can heartily recommend Passion Radio. It’s also good if you don’t live in Bristol – as it’s an internet radio station so you have access to it anywhere you can get online. There’s a particularly great show that I never miss on Monday evenings called Sufferah’s Choice, DJ’d by DJ Stryda. It focusses on reggae, as you’d expect from one half of Dubkasm. Oh, and while we’re on a Bristol tip, shout out also to the fabulous Ujima radio too.

Eighth: Reel Rebels Radio: “Your 24/7 local and global community radio station” they say. If you can’t find the show you want they encourage you to put one together and they’ll air it. It’s a London based community radio station.

Ninth: Amazing Radio: “The only national radio station dedicated exclusively to playing emerging and independent music” is what they claim. DJs on their roster past and present include Bethan Elfyn, Ruth Barnes, Shell Zenner (late of this parish of course), Simon Raymonde, Jon Hillcock and the Guardian’s “new band of the day” man Paul Lester. Strongly recommended.

Tenth: NTSLive: A London Community based radio station that features many excellent DJs. NTSLive aims to “fill a void in the community of musically minded progressive thinking people in London. NTSlive is a unique platform for inspired people to present their findings, passions & obsessions.” Probably not fair to single out any one DJ just get over there and dig in!

Eleventh: WFMU: WFMU is the “longest running independent “freeform” station in the US, operating out of Mount Hope in New Jersey, paid for by its listeners (no ads!)” It has an eclectic array of shows that offers something for everyone who used to dip into or never missed a show Peel put on alike. And again, apologies again for our missing it out first time round! Our very bad.

Twelth: Shoreditch Radio: Keeping it in the family we recommend our own Kevin Robinson’s show here, of course, but there are other richs to be found there too … just check out the schedule and if in doubt pick something at random – is what I often do!

Thirteenth: WRUV: With a policy whichstrives to provide their listening audience with an eclectic mix of music. From Celtic, Country and Hip-Hop, to Electronic, Rockabilly, and Punk Rock, the station presents a veritable smorgasbord of musical genres as well as news and educational content” and, with a rule that everything should be unique, WRUV can provide you with some gems of shows. Check out their schedule here.

Fourteenth: Team Rock: This is where you can catch our own John Robb’s show at around midnight on a Saturday. As you might imagine from the name they specialise in hard rock, alt.rock, metal and punk. Find their latest schedule here.

Fifteenth: Radio Musical De CubaBit niche this one but this station broadcasts “an impeccably curated mixture of Cuban, classical and jazz music from the heart of Havana.” Yeah, we know we all have Gilles but sometimes you need more Cuban music in your week than he can provide in his 6 music show.

Sixteenth: Newtown Radio: Known to us as the home to the Gimme Tinnitus Radio show (see podcasts below) it also has a great range of shows. “Newtown Radio is Brooklyn’s Premiere Internet Radio Station” they claim. Lucky Brooklyn we say! Their DJs specialise in new artists, hot indie tracks, and undiscovered classics.

SeventeenthKCRWA public radio station broadcasting from the campus of Santa Monica College in California, carrying a mix of National Public Radio news, talk radio and freeform music format. Most likely I’m only really mentioning this because Henry Rollins has a show on it. Need I say any more? Hell no. Catch his latest show, or old ones, here.

EighteenthImagine FM: Terry Christian’s Northener’s With Attitude: I still haven’t ever listened to it yet, but it thumbs up from our John so it must be good I reckon.

Nineteenth: KEXP-FM is a public radio station based in Seattle, Washington. It specialises in alternative and indie rock programmed by its disc jockeys. John Richards morning show comes highly recommended! (See comments below).

Twenty: Soho RadioThey say: “Based in the heart of Soho, London, we aim to provide you with an eclectic mix of everything our world renowned area is famous for.” And: “We bring together musicians, artists, film makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious.” Simone Marie, Primal Scream’s bass player, does a show there, Naked Lunch, which we’ve been told is “brilliant.” And we’re betting Beans On Toasts‘ show’s pretty good too, billed as him and “long time collaborator Bobby Banjo” presenting “an off the wall two hour show of music, stories, debates and general car crash banter.” (Added belatedly following a suggestion on Twitter.)

Twenty-First: Total Rock Radio: And the final “to prove we do read comments” in this section, here’s Total Rock whose strapline reads simply: 24 / 7 Rock and Metal Radio. Dom Lawson’s show comes highly recommended, albeit by the man himself (see comments section below or keep reading) “…in stark contrast to the station remit, I play a slightly unhinged mixture of stuff, including metal, prog, punk, noise, jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop, electronica, country, rockabilly, blues, classical and anything else that springs to mind. Possibly a bit more from the extreme end of the rock spectrum than a lot of comparable shows, and it’s all distinctly DIY, so don’t expect a slick production, but I’m really proud of what I do and I firmly believe the spirit of Peel informs the whole thing.”

Twenty Second: Realhouseradio: From the comments section: “I would also add for underground house and Afro house.”

Twenty Third: XRP Radio: “The award winning XRP Radio plays an astonishing array of unsigned and independent music from across the Globe. Broadcasting to over 100 countries. Live and interactive shows every night of the week. From the dirtiest electro to pop and everywhere in between. You could do worse than to give us a listen” says Dave from … XRP Radio.

2. Podcasts

A lot of the above internet stations release podcasts, as do a lot of the radio shows in the next section. They do seem to be dropping in popularity though – I’ve deleted a fair few from last time I did this as they don’t exist anymore. This is not surprising I guess as Mixcloud is taking over where podcasts used to reign supreme. Again, these are in no particular order:

First: Electronic Explorations. This is one of the longer running podcasts out there. It comes out weekly and features an hour(ish) of some of the best, cutting edge, contemporary electronic sounds out there. It’s orchestrated by Rob Booth who says it’s “…a deviously crafted patchwork of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies”. His claim is accurate. It features Dubstep, UK Bass, techno and anything else that’s pushing the boundaries of electronic music. So maybe not so much Dubstep anymore. They are, of course, also on Mixcloud now too, but if you want to check it out old skool podcast style here’s your link with the Mixcloud link being here.

Second: Low End Theory Podcast. More electronic sounds from LA’s foremost hub of “forward thinking & future sounding” electronic artists. Check it on iTunes here.

Third: Boiler Room.  This a music platform that hosts intimate live music sessions with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations, streaming the performances live on the Boiler Room website and through video streaming services such as YouTube. Recordings are then stored in Boiler Room’s archive, with the content library used by over 1.5m active subscribers as a new music discovery tool. Another long running electronic music podcast, again out of London. It’s achingly cool, of course, which is why it’s perhaps most famous for the set by Grimes at Richie Hawtin‘s Ibiza villa, where the wonderful wee genius baffled a crowd of deep Vs, liggers and bikini dancers with a selection that included Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’, The Ramones’ ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ and Taylor fucking Swift. Which is also why there’s a petition to get this set uploaded.

FourthIn Memory Of John Peel. Another shout out to Zaph’s show (see radio 23 above.) You can listen to Zaph’s show via iTunes or PodOmatic. Zaph’s also the brains behind the World Cup of Football. Does what it says on the tin.

Fifth: If There Is Hell Below Podcast... Callum and Rob are your hosts as they banter away to their heart’s content, largely to their own enjoyment, although I’d be lying if I didn’t say at times, ours too. Understandably they like the quote from a national saying they’re the modern day Adam and Joe and who am I to disagree? In betwixt the banter they play some of the best contemporary music from alt-rock / garage rock and hip hop genres to name but three. If you were a fan of Jon Hillcock’s old New Noise podcast (RIP) chances are you’ll dig this. Not least because it’s been known for him to appear on it in a “special guest” type scenario.

Sixth: Gimme Tinnitus: The podcast / radio show aligned with one of our favourite music websites. They’re one of my top sources of kewl new US noise and alternative sounds. It goes out every fortnight and is compiled by Bob Reich. Skip the hunt through Newtown Radio’s schedule and just download / stream from Gimme Tinnitus itself.

Seventh: Radio ParadiseArguably this should have gone in the internet radio section but it fits better in here. They say: “RP is a blend of many styles and genres of music, carefully selected and mixed by two real human beings. You’ll hear modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz. What you won’t hear are random computer-generated playlists or mind-numbing commercials.” We say: another excellent listener funded show that flies to all corners of music’s multi-faceted universe.

Eighth: The Watt From Pedro Show: Mike Watt from The Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Stooges and many more has a radio show he records between his being “on the road” (which is pretty much always so yeah, sometimes when he’s on the road too I guess.) Always starting with some Coltrane he plays an eclectic hodge podge of sounds from the here and now and the way back when. If you’ve handed him a demo at a gig ever chances are he’ll play a track off it. He also has guests regularly. Catch up on previous shows here.

Nine: The Mike Harding Folk Show: When the BBC axed Mike himself and gave radio 2’s folk show to a DJ (Mark Radcliffe) to save money (bastards) Mike took matters into his own hands and started up a weekly podcast of his own. And it’s great. Check it out here and toss him some coppers to keep it alive.

Tenth: The Lock Up Show: The third “Mike” in a row! Still waiting for this one but when it comes we’re told it’ll be a replacement for the old punk show Mike Davies did on Radio 1 which the beeb axed because it saw no place for punk on the BBC at all, anywhere, ever again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – bastards. The expression “John Peel would be turning in his grave (probably at the wrong speed)” comes to mind. Keep em peeled (*ahem*) on Mike and The Lock Up Show’s Facebook page to be the first to hear when it comes on air.


Eleventh: The Rider: We’ve just been advised we should include this podcast. As yet we haven’t  checked it out but we trust our readers who say “…ten great new songs every episode” so go have a listen! The guys behind the podcast say: “Getting you out of the house and into society” but they also admit they “…play songs we like and if others like them too it’s a bonus”.

Twelve: Howling Owl Podcast: This also missed the original cut, but the latest podcast from Bristol based avant garde noiseniks Howling Owl just dropped – their first of the year. This podcast drops far too infrequently but when it does it’s always a multi-faceted treat. It goes out on Soundcloud so following Howling Owl there is your best way to not miss it. The latest edition is here.

3. Good Old Fashioned Radio:

So, radio has gone to the dogs quite spectacularly since last I did this. Last time this section opened up with my giving 6 music a piece on my mind. I still don’t like the station much and still feel like it’s as far removed as “the station Peel would have created (see below for the exception)” as one can get (e.g. as much smug “banter” between tracks as music played, playlists, DJs not allowed to pick all the music, at least 70% of the music from the archive or olden times, djs picked because of who they are not whether they’re good DJs – I could go on, and regularly do) but they do have a few shows worth checking out. So here goes.

First: 6 Music: Tom Ravenscroft. Not quite as varied as when he started on 6 music (he’s been infected by 6 music’s overarching focus on the bland and the mild) when he used to play the odd thrash track and loads of heavy techno, but he still chooses all his music and it’s virtually all new! And yeah, I know there’s a good chance he got the gig for being “the son of Peel” but he’s also got the gig as a DJ and a fan of music rather than as an ex-musician from some dodgy band or because he’s a celeb so he has more reason to be there than anyone else I reckon.

Also, 6Music is plugging the Radio 1 introducing gap a bit with their Recommends shows – DJs like Tom Ravenscroft and Mary Anne Hobbs chosing an hour each of music that’s currently lighting up their worlds. The minimum of chat, DJs allowed to chose their own music and zero archive material make it pretty much the station Peel would have created by jove!

Oh, and Gilles Peterson‘s show is brilliant of course still and he’s still “joining the musical dots – soul, hip-hop, house, Afro, Latin, electronica, jazz and beyond” – only on the 6 now not radio 1 and over 3 hours now not 2. We say “KEWL!”

Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone too is incredibly diverse and can include soundtracks, free-jazz and alt-pop.

Also worth checking out Tom Robinson, Dom Letts and Mark Riley (to a lesser extent.)

Second: On The Wire: My second favourite music show anywhere. Those of you who used to listen to Peel for years will, I’m sure, remember Peel talking about Steve Barker and his Radio Lancashire show. I remember being very jealous of people who lived in Manchester and could listen too it back before the internet entered our (or my anyway) lives. You can listen to it now live online from anywhere (indeed, Steve Barker used to record his half of the show from Beijing). It began in 1984 & has a brilliant signature tune specially written / recorded by Adrian Sherwood, the show’s first guest. Now the show consists of roughly one hour DJ’d by Steve who focusses on reggae, electronic music and other oddities followed by an hour presented by a ‘Jim’ and a ‘Fenny’ who play lots of the best current music around, occasionally highlighting Manchester bands but usually just playing the best music the world’s got to offer that week. It’s often the first place I hear tracks / albums that other DJs pick up on later. It’s also available on the iPlayer and now Mixcloud too.

I should point out it has one week out of every four dedicated to a specialist ‘Funkology’ show. It isn’t representative of the usual On The Wire shows, but is also good. I’d definitely encourage you to listen to both the usual show & the funk show. The show nearly went under due to BBC cuts but listener outrage saved it.

Until the beeb find out you can find old shows on Mixcloud.

Third: Radio 1 What I said before was that radio 1 is ace. And I reeled off a whole string of Djs and their shows. Sadly most have gone now but I still recommend both Huw Stephens and especially Benji B‘s show (he did a brilliant tip of the hat to Peel the other week.) But that’s about it with radio 1’s music these days for me. At 47 it seems I’ve finally grown out of radio 1! Amazing.

Fourth: Radio 1 Xtra. We should listen to more Radio 1Xtra you and me. The two best things about 1X are the Benji B show (simulcast with radio one) and David ‘Ramjam’ Rodigan who now has a 6 music show on Sunday night playing the best new reggae and dub around. Cracking stuff! The dancehall show’s also great and Mistajam is my DJ of choice while I’m cooking my tea – his show is the same time as Marc Riley on 6 and Zane Lowe on 1 so yeah, not much competition, but he also has a great dubstep / bassheavy show on Saturday evenings that you should check out while primping yerselves getting ready to go paint the town red.

Sixth: XFM. Mary Anne Hobbs was about to become an XFM DJ when I first did this! She’s there no more of course but John Kennedy is and his highly regarded weekday evenings (Mon-Thurs) X-posure show is still the beez kneez. Ask our own Keith Goldhanger if you don’t believe me. And we have it on good authority that Eddy Temple-Morris brings some great music to the station to on a Friday night via The Remix!

Seventh: Local BBC Radio. Your local radio station has an BBC Introducing show each week. In Bristol it’s on Sunday mornings at 1am.

Eighth: Radio 3. World On 3 on Friday evenings is now my sole source of world music now World Routes has fallen by the wayside. Fab show – do check it out!

Also brilliant on Radio 3 is one of the most eclectic show on radio anywhere, Late Junction. It’s on Tues-Thurs, also 11 till 1. “Surprising, revealing, accessible. Brilliantly programmed – a show where the real star is the music”. Its four presenters play folk, electronica, classical, world music, jazz and all sorts. If one of the DJs schedule doesn’t float your boat try another night as they all have their own favourite kinds of music and styles of playing. I go to bed and usually drift off to sleep listening to it (under the covers with headphones on for old times sake).

NinthAdam Walton on BBC Radio Wales. “I’ve listened to this once in Wales and many times elsewhere. The only reason to be in on a Saturday night – 10pm till 1am. He’s the master of the word ‘ace’ and what he terms ‘Leftfield / underground music of Welsh origin every Saturday’” … said of Dandelion Radio’s DJs when asked for suggestions for this list.

Tenth: Vic Galloway on Radio Scotland. Indie, Rock, Reggae, Punk, Electronica and more with weekly studio sessions from the likes of The Vaselines and The Amazing Snakeheads. Every Monday night from 8.05 until 10. We like Vic – give his show a listen.

4. Mixcloud:

As I inferred above, Mixcloud is beginning to take over from Podcasts. Mainly because it’s free I imagine! Plus it’s a much better way to check out music – assuming you’re online of course! So in this edition of “The Updated Ultimate Guide On Where To Find New Music In A Post-Peel World” it gets a category all of its own.

First: Loud Noises: These guys complained when we did this last time that we hadn’t included them. Fair cop. From their Mixcloud description: “We’re a collective of brits (and an aussie) living in prague. we do the loudnoises! podcast of all the latest and greatest music we like every three or four weeks.”

Second: Dandelion Radio: See above.

Third: Shell Zenner: Shell has a brilliant channel on here that includes all the best up n coming new sounds and bands from Manchester, the UK, the US and beyond! Her Mixcloud pulls together her Amazing Radio show (see above) and her Bolton FM show.

Fourth: Kevin Robinson. Kevin’s Shoreditch radio show is another moulded through years of listening to Peel. His show’s a bit like the show Tom Ravenscroft started out doing on 6 music before he became a bit tamer.

Fifth: Dub Thomas: As the name suggests, Dub Thomas, the owner of Dubophonic label, sends “positive vibrations” through exclusive releases of quality dub music, from artists dedicated and passionate about their work. Fuckin’ A. If you only discover one new place to find new music out of this I hope it’s Dub Thomas.

Sixth: Mark Coles: Yes, the BBC man who I’ll most remember for his report on Radio 4s Today programme the day after Peel died. The focus is all over the world of roots and folk music. From his garden shed with occasionally interruptions from his wee bairn. “Mark Coles brings you his pick of new music releases from around the planet – in his shed.”

Seventh: Kamikaze: Paul Ackroyd: Late of Dandelion Radio, Paul is the genius behind the Dead Albatross Awards. He’s also a mean DJ and his shows are guaranteed to introduce you to stuff you’ve neer heard before. If you want music to amaze and move in equal amounts, Paul’s your man.

Eighth: Interesting Alternative Show: Steve Davis, professional snooker player and alternative music fan, is joined by Kavus Torabi, professional guitarist, creator of the band Knifeworld, previously in Cardiacs and now a member of Guapo and Gong (and yes, related to our own Arash Torabi) presents a two hour show every Monday evening on which later finds it’s way onto Mixcloud.

Ninthfeedmeweirdthings. Irish show presented by Alan Meany which connects regularly with Kamikaze (see above). They say: “Galway based radio show hosted by Alan. Playing Handbag Garage-Tech, Nu-Warm-Jazz, Quality Blue-molded Discocheeze, Minimal Dub-Scuzz, Cock-Folk, Afro-Kart, Boing-Step, Grindtech, wank-core, Simply Red, Skwee, Krautbeat, Acid-Breakface, Dub-stance, Turbo-Buzz, AquaBop – you get the picture.”

Tenth: Crow Versus Crow show: From Halifax – a great source for more avant-garde / ambient / noise stuff.

Eleventh: Matthew YoungSong from Toad’s Matthew is a Scot who rants and raves and plays ace cuts from his label and from his neck of the woods.

Twelfth: Wrong Rock Show on Bush Radio: “All the way from South Africa, the show’s hosted by Botha Kruger and they’re especially eccentric and cool, cos sometimes a bloke from Finland co-hosts.”

Thirteenth: Lee Adcock: Recent Dandelion acquisition doing what she does from Athens, GA.

Fourteeth: Independent Music Podcast: “Gareth Main is a music writer, DJ and podcaster who was one part of the Independent Music Podcast” (which we mentioned in our first edition of this list.) These Mixcloud shows are unique in that the shows are entirely from vinyl. Mostly from independent labels, always eclectic.

Fifteenth: Damnably Records: The excellent London based micro-label Damnably have been making “a podcast radio show w/ live sessions” for the last 7 years now and have recently moved to Mixcloud. With a roster that includes Shonen Knife, Wussy, smallgang, Golden Grrrls and Lazarus Clamp and a focus on tomorrows stars today this Mixcloud station’s well worth a follow.

5. Other

Another Nice Mess – DJ Marcelle van Hoof: Marcelle was always one of our favourite Dandelion Radio DJs but we knew, especially when the festive 50 came round, that she wasn’t 100% happy with being on the station. Earlier this year she left but fret not, you can still hear her music, more even. All you have to do is send her some Euros and each week she’ll send you a link to a download of music she’s created. It may be a straight mix, it may be a recording of a DJ set, it may be a radio show done just for us. I strongly recommend you get on board. She also has a new album due out any time soon so we’ll make sure you hear more about Marcelle very soon!


I think that’s it. My hope is that everyone will find at least one new source of music here. Enjoy.

If there’s anything I’ve missed let us know in the comments please.

All words by Guy Manchester. More writing by Guy can be found at his Louder Than War author’s archive. You can also find Guy on Twitter as @guid0man.

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Guy is a former full time member of the Louder Than War editorial team, who's since moved on to pastures new. Music's been a large part of his life since he first stumbled across Peel on his tranny as a fifteen year old. His whole approach to music was learnt from Peel in fact, which includes having as inclusive a taste in music as possible. Guy devotes most of his time looking for new music & although he's been known to say "the only good music is new music" he pretty much accepts this is bollocks. Favourite band The Minutemen.


  1. The award winning XRP Radio plays an astonishing array of unsigned and independent music from across the Globe. Broadcasting to over 100 countries. Live and interactive shows every night of the week. From the dirtiest electro to pop and everywhere in between. You could do worse than to give us a listen. Thanks D :)

    • Ooops – sorry we missed you Dave! Sounds great – def one I’ll check out. And I’ll add you into the list now too!

  2. Honoured to get a mention alongside the enduringly excellent Dandelion Radio. And very happy that they recommended my show.

    Here’s this week’s: httpss://

    Think about John Peel every time I put my programme together, to remind me to stay hungry and honest.

  3. Brilliant article…thank you! Can’t miss this opportunity to parp my own horn, however…do check out my show, The Dompilation Tapes, on Saturdays at 6pm on – in stark contrast to the station remit, I play a slightly unhinged mixture of stuff, including metal, prog, punk, noise, jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop, electronica, country, rockabilly, blues, classical and anything else that springs to mind. Possibly a bit more from the extreme end of the rock spectrum than a lot of comparable shows, and it’s all distinctly DIY, so don’t expect a slick production, but I’m really proud of what I do and I firmly believe the spirit of Peel informs the whole thing. Give it a go, folks. Cheers!

  4. Great article and reference guide. I was very glad to see John Kennedy on there as X-Posure is a great way to find new music. I’d also include Eddy Temple-Morris in the discussion about Xfm as he is also a great source of new music with The Remix on Friday nights (this past Friday introduced me to Attaque, for example). A glaring omission from your list (intentional?) was KEXP, an independent radio station in Seattle that also streams online. The Morning Show with John Richards is a great source of new music. The station is also listener driven and listener funded with minimal ads. Can’t tune in on time? No worries since they archive the streams for two weeks. Anyway, check it out – you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again for the great article and expanding my horizons as to new music outlets. @Vapo_Rob

    • Yes – as we’ve spoken in twitter you now know the omission of KEXP was very much unintentional – I forgot to copy it over from my original list! Honest! Now added, as have been your other suggestions!


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