The return of Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell – new album looks mental

Johnny Borrell was once the singer in Razorlight who had a few brief hits in the middle of the Britpop wars. He wound a lot of people up the wrong way and wanders around on the wrong side of fashion these days but that’s not always a bad thing…

He is about to return with his first solo album that looks as overblown and ridiculous as anyone would have hoped. Even the titles alone are either ridiculous or brilliant like the Fall after ten hours in the pub kinda way- depending on your perspective…even if the record is rubbish we kind of like the way he defies media styled  ‘laws of cool’

Power To The Woman album song titles…

Joshua Amrit
Pan-European Supermodel Song (Oh! Gina)
Ladder To Your Bed
Dahlia Rondo
Cyrano Masochiste
We Cannot Overthrow
Each And Every Road
Wild Today
Dahlia Allegro
Erotic Letter


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