Sex Pistols to re-release 'God Save The Queen'
No future for you! Sex Pistols to re-release 'God Save The Queen'

Sex Pistols to re-release 'God Save The Queen'

Whilst mass media is wheeling out the Alan Titmarsh army of servile monarch loving establishment cardigans to grovel on the cathode ray about the longest reigning monarch in history who is winning accolades for staying alive…we await the Morrissey missive and all we seem to be getting, silence.

This has been the longest ever silence from Moz.

The monarchy baiting singer, who has been on his own throne almost as long at the Saxe-Coburg’s, is stunning the nation with his silence and lack of well timed barbed missives about the royals and how the reign over us…for how much longer do we have to tolerate this silence?

Morrissey is currently on tour whilst The Queen, who according to polls has the support of almost 117 per cent of the British public seems to be with us for ever…

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