THE pUKES and Giuda: Great New Releases from Damaged GoodsDamaged Goods Records celebrates its 25th year in 2013. That’s 25 years of releasing glorious and riotous punk rock, new-wave, garage rock & vintage pop by all manner of mavericks, geniuses, odd-balls and lunatics…

This spring is no exception with Cyanide Pills second album already out (review to follow) and two other releases by the pUkes and Guida respectively.

When the press releases are this good there’s simply no need to review the “product” because with Damaged Goods, ironically considering the name, you know you’re getting top quality stuff.

Racey Roller
Damaged Goods CD/LP (limited To 1000 copies on grey vinyl)
Release Date: 27th MAY 2013

Clap your hands & stomp your feet… here comes giuda!

(GIUDA pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian Glam/Glitter/Boot Boy band from Rome, born from the ashes of one of the finest European punk rock groups: Taxi.

They play the most exciting kind of retro-sounding pub rock and junk shop glam and they have the look of true working class heroes (boots, polos, chequered shirts, leather jackets and short or shaved hair)… actually they are the perfect party band, but with a tough attitude.

They have a couple of singles and an album out and they’re playing all over Europe like there’s no tomorrow. Catch them before they become huge…

They are currently working on their second album which is due out on later in 2013

THE pUKES and Giuda: Great New Releases from Damaged Goods

Track Listing
1 Number 10
2 Back Home
3 Get It Over
4 Coming Back To You
5 Racey Roller
6 Tartan Pants
7 Don’t Stop Rockin’
8 Speak Louder
9 Here Comes Saturday Night
10 Roll On


Giuda sound like the Rubbettes or Denim in Steel Top-caps. They are pure unadulterated Glitter-punk magnificence. It aint ironic or fake-retro just good old-fashioned stomping tuneage – just watch this… as one of the comments says, “Roman skins with a black Freddy Mercury- this rules!”


THE pUKES and Giuda: Great New Releases from Damaged GoodsTHE PUKES EP (Damaged Goods)

Format: 7” & Digital

Release Date: 27th May 2013

It’s the pUKE’s debut ep – only on 7” vinyl with poster sleeve – all tracks exclusive to this single.

The pUKEs are a 20-strong (nearly) all female punk ukulele band based n London. They play songs by the likes of Dead Kennedys, Exploited, X-Ray Spex, The Clash, etc like you’ve never heard ‘em before.

Their massive stage presence and raucous live show has landed them slots at Rebellion punk festival and Shoreditch 1234, as well as gigs with many of the bands who inspired them, including Sham 69, Bad Manners, Chelsea, Menace and Subhumans.

Around half the pUKEs were non musicians before they learned the uke, the others have been in bands such as UK Subs, Extreme Noise Terror and Lost Cherrees.

The pUKEs recorded an original track, produced by Dick Crippen from Tenpole Tudor, and released it as a video, which gained 3000 hits in the first two weeks.


They have lots of gigs and festivals planned for the summer including a couple at Somerset House

The EP features one original song Will I Learn plus covers of Menace, Capt. Sensible & Cock Sparrer!

Listen To The pUKEs

The pUKEs website. They are also on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.

The pUkes are just sheer genius – nuff said.

All words by Ged Babey. More of Ged’s writing on Louder Than War can be found in his author’s archive.



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