Where do we go from here?

The virus has knocked everyone everywhere for six.

In our music world there is a lot of talk and debate about how we can get the live side up and running again. In this series of 4 interviews John Robb speaks to key figures in music and the nightlife economy about how and when to kick start live music – will it be this year? what model will it take?

Interview 1 : Mark Davyd from the Music Venue Trust – an organisation for music venues on how he hopes live music could return in the autumn with a gradual build up.


Interview 2 : Sacha Lord is Manchester’s Night Czar who looks after the cit centre’s night time economy. He is also one of the biggest promoters in the city. In this interview he looks at how the key night life that drives the city could come back at some point and what we need to be able to do it – optimistic  and practical. 


Interview 3 : David Martin runs the Featured Artists Coalition – an organisation that looks after musicians – he looks at a lot of the key issues on how we are going to survive from tax, VAT, the practicalities of gigging and how musicians lives will change…

Interview 4 : John McGrath is the chief executive of Manchester International Festival – the bi annual big arts and culture event in the city. The next one is due in 2021 and he talks of there artistic and cultural vision for the event and if it will be affected by the virus. 


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