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We would very much like to invite you to join us at the very first Pop & Politics Supper Club, to be held on Tues 5th March upstairs at The Coach & Horses, Greek St, London.

John Robb from Louder Than War, Kerry McCarthy MP / and Matt Booth from BMF have worked together to create a bi-monthly event for a maximum of 30 people, including guest speakers, to discuss a range of issues and links between music and the world of politics, funding, piracy, global movements, education, finance and much more.

An evening of talk, debate and putting the world to rights with politicians and musicians…

Please find an invite to the first event attached here.

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Louder Than War & Music South West

Invite you to

The Pop & Politics Supper Club Tues 5th March 7.30pm til 11pm

Upstairs at The Coach & Horses, 29 Greek Street, London, W1D 5DH

A two-­‐course dinner for a total of 30 people with special guest speakers who will lead on discussions on the relationship between modern culture, power, society, global movements, and much more.

Price for two-­course vegetarian meal £20

(Drinks will be available to purchase throughout the evening)

To book visit –

Discussions at the first event will start with some or all of the following topics;

  • HMV
  • Pirates
  • Visas
  • Arts funding
  • Pussy Riot and other worldwide clampdowns
  • Accessing new music outside the mainstream
  • How should politics maintain a successful relationship with artBook now, join the debate, become a member and gain priority invites to all future events and contribute topics for discussion.

pop adj Appealing or intended to appeal to popular taste; spec. (of a technical, scientific, or academic subject) popularized, presented in a form accessible to the general public. Of music, a song, etc.: popular; in a style considered to have popular appeal.

politics n The practice or study of the art and science of forming, directing, and administrating states and other political units; the art and science of government; political science; the complex or aggregate of relationships of people in society, esp those relationships involving authority or power. 

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