The Northstand : Manchester Night and Day Cafe  : live review

The Northstand

Manchester Night and Day Cafe  

July 19th 2014

Live Review

Saturday evening, Night and Day Cafe, Manchester, you can usually find pretty damn decent live music, but this saturday night, I am particularly chuffed I am there. Five working class Mancs with absolutely nothing but hope, passion, energy and some amazing songs took to the stage for their first ever gig and within one minute had the hitherto mostly seated audience all up on their feet. By the second track, ‘Momento’, you couldn’t get near the stage for the crowd that had gathered.

TheNorthstand – yes, all one word – deliver six tracks in their intense half hour set.’Let it Go’ takes me back slightly to The Clash, with Andrew Herstell’s  raspy yet strong voice roaring alongside the reggae beat, which then kicks off royally into something more reminiscent of The Jam’s ‘Precious’. Rory Kelly is bouncing around all over and it seems like his guitar’s part of his body. The dynamic between the five lads on stage makes them a joy to watch as well as to hear.

The set is slowed right down perfectly, midway, with the tender, soulful ‘Hold On’, giving us all time to catch our breath, and when eventually the set closes, it’s with what can only be described as an anthem. Herstell delivers ‘Get me Out of Here’ as though he’s just been given the news he’s gonna spend the rest of his life in this jail cell.The pure scuzziness of Kelly’s guitar and power of Sam Hughes’ drums make this performance so intense it feels like a privilege to be there.

I get the feeling that this gig will be the start of something beautiful for this band, and all those who go to see them in their early days.

Brace yourselves…. TheNorthstand are coming.


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