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Released as part of one of this year Record Store Days, Nought to 60 is an extra-ordinary 4 track EP by instrumental “supertrio” The Near Jazz Experience. The trio features the talents of the inimitable multi-instrumentalist Terry Edwards, Mark “Bedders” Bedford of Madness fame and (amongst an array of others) ex-Higsons bandmate of Terry Edwards, drummer & percussionist Simon Charterton.

Last year saw the release of an astonishing Terry Edwards career retrospective. A truly remarkable set of tunes from a truly remarkable musician whose career encapsulates a diverse range styles, while never comprising his talent. The set of songs on that collection only scratched the surface of the man’s sensational career. And don’t let that fool you into thinking his tank is now empty. Far from it, he, and his esteemed cohort, have more than enough fuel to hit top speed and go from Nought to 60 quick smart.

The A Side of this release features the epic 10-minute plus Spirit of Indo. Charterton kicks things off with subtly atmospheric percussion. Bedders adds an underlying rumble of sonorous bass. Then Edwards comes in with his saxophone. He manages to squeeze an extra-ordinary range of notes from whatever his instrument of choice may be. Further adding layers including the hypersonic squeal from muted horns, before giving way for the rhythm section to display their undeniable talents. The three join once again as one tight as fuck unit bringing the song to its conclusion in the same manner in which they entered.


Flip over and Side B starts with a melodica led atmospherically unearthly instrumental version of the Bowie/Ziggy classic Five Years. Shimmering cymbals, sympathetically plucked bass and marxophone adding to the sublimely spiritual nature of their version.

Tizita, which translates into English as nostalgia/longing, is a form of music originating from Ethiopia/Eritrea. NJE’s tune of the same name is gorgeously woozy. It should make Bedders feel at home as elements of the saxophone wouldn’t sound out of place in a Madness song. Closing out the EP with a tune titled Nought to 60, you’d expect something with the compelling urgency that is created by the three gents here. A hypnotic rhythm section underlies Edwards wrestling with his instrument and creating an all-encompassing range stupefying notes, squeals, and squalls.

As a special treat here’s an exclusive peak at the video to go along with that closing track.

Nought to 60

It’s just a shame its an EP and not longer. I could sit in awe of the talent on show here all day long.

The NJE – Bandcamp


All words by Neil Hodge. More writing by Neil on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive. You can also find Neil online at his blog thegingerquiff.

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