The Night Terrors: Monster/Lasers For Eyes – album review

The Night Terrors: ‘Monster/Lasers For Eyes’ (OSCL / Denovali)
Out: Sep 7th

Haunting, futuristic electronic artists The Night Terrors release their first new material since 2009 and reassure us that it was worth the wait.

Melbourne based trio The Night Terrors are an amalgamation of dark synths, blistering techno and B-Movie theremin that evoke memories of Italian prog rock icons Goblin, as well as Zombi and Trans AM. They have been touring the world for the last few years along with artists as diverse as Melt Banana, Lou Reed and Hawkwind. Upon listening to their new release, it’s easy to see how they fit so easily into such varied and admirable artists. Their unique and distinct sound is one which both resonates and stays with the listener long after the album finishes.

Miles Brown was a student of theramin queen Lydia Kavina and the work has most definitely paid off. The pounding introduction of ‘Monster’ (with drums provided by Damian Coward) quickly ascends into delightful horror territory, proceeding to thrash its way through a soundtrack of eerie and sinister electronica. Two reworkings of the track follow (one provided by Berlin based Italo-disco legend Antoni Maiovvi and the other by Ash Wednesday), both of which are justified and worthy inclusions. Lasers for eyes is an upbeat, bouncier affair with 8 bit video game beats and Fifth Element style operatic interludes.

The band have been hiding away in Tasmania of late and this is merely a taster of the full album that is to follow soon. This has now become a very exciting prospect.

You can purchase / sample the album directly from the artist’s Bandcamp HERE and they are also on Facebook HERE

All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more of his Louder Than War articles HERE
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