The New U.K Immigration Rules are NOT OK!

Changes to the Immigration rules put forward by Teresa May are going to make a massive difference to a lot of people hoping to settle in the UK. May Mansour has penned a piece for us explaining why these changes are wrong.

Recent adjustments in the UK Family migration rules have triggered outrage amongst overseas citizens, as well as British nationals living abroad or in the U.K. Amongst the most contentious alterations is the New Income Threshold of £18,600 for those who wish to sponsor a non-EU partner or spouse, which consequently affects 40% of the population in the U.K according to the National Earnings Survey website. As a minimum wage salary is £6.08 an hour, for a lot of people it will never be possible to acquire an annual salary that could come close to £18,600. The situation is more or less hopeless for new couples looking to settle in the U.K.

The new migration rules set by Home Secretary Theresa May seem quite discriminative against ordinary British citizens and on some level utterly racist against citizens of other countries. Not only will they decrease the potential of foreign businesses looking to invest in the U.K but they will also create a social uproar against such a new motion of blunt fascism.

In regards to how this relates to my background, and in what sense / how it affects me as an agnostic Egyptian female from a Muslim family, I assume my culture is included as part of “the threat” for social and economic reasons! We’re not progressive or rich enough so to speak! Boohoo.

So it is understandable that people have noticed an increase of asylum seekers and immigrants within the U.K! But why is THIS the problem? Even if the way they look or dress alienates them from their surrounding environments? So what of Punks and Goths then? Or the conservative Jewish communities? According to Theresa May in this article it is a matter of “Setting new standards for those who wish to live among us”.

I am a constant visitor and perpetual wanderer in England, and I have come across ethnic minorities who have no problem maintaining the same lifestyle they have been exercising in their former home countries, (I.e wearing headscarves or full-body veils or whichever “mannerisms” that go hand in hand with their certain cultures). This seems to confuse the British government when they Try to identify the difficulties at hand; specifically in regards to social discomfort. I however believe it is the immigrants who Impose their belief system among others within the country that are the problem! Nevertheless the UK Government should not interfere by appointing such severe migration rules that will unfortunately be enforced upon everyone! Conservatives and Fanatic Extremists as well as broad-minded anti-fascist, anti-racist Liberals who seek to settle in a country they can realistically relate to, and commit to with an aspiring, well-driven and relevant flair!

I for one am an Egyptian female citizen who’s escaped her own country in pursuit of a more liberal and receptive society as I have been a constant victim of verbal harassments and assaults back in my home town, for being myself; which seems to annoy the majority of males in my society and mislead them into thinking that I perhaps may be a prostitute or something for having male friends whom i’m openly “chummy” and comfortable with on the streets, for smoking cigarettes in public or for wearing leather pants or skirts! Coming to London often in search of sanctuary I find myself yet again a victim of the same assaults made by other Arabs or Middle Eastern immigrants, for simply claiming my nationality or religion through casual conversations with Falafel vendors, or waiters at cafeterias or restaurants on Egdware road or passers by on Tottenham Court Road, Marble Arch and Oxford Street who intentionally and interrogatively approach me to know where I come from and react accordingly! Sometimes I’d hear sexist or perverted remarks / mumbles in Arabic as I walk by, I turn around and defend myself because it turns out I understand the language and accordingly I must be Arab or Muslim, and it is as though they have the right to insult me even more then! I have been insulted or simply even frowned upon because of how I look and dress, which is not even remotely provocative in the eyes of any regular British or European citizen, but according to my fellow obnoxious muslim extremists, I am a disgrace to my kind! But aren’t we all subject to verbal or even physical assaults? By men of all races and ethnicities? And aren’t there just as many struggling Brits as there are other ethnicities within the country? So apart from my personal rant on social discomfort, there are several other factors that may have bugged the Government enough to enforce stricter migration rules that technically bypass all ethical or humanitarian prospects! But for citizens of other countries, it is now one hell of a nightmare! Especially for those of us who were already bewildered and constantly struggling to belong to the British culture as we more or less have the mentality for it! But alas, we aren’t “rich” enough.

So what becomes of us? The artists and musicians, the aspiring journalists and authors, the innovative youth who’s ideas and beliefs are simply condemned by their own governments. Are we not entitled to attempt to settle within a society that accepts us? Especially if we are committed to an EU-member? No matter our financial assets or whether or not we desire to be employed by a highly corporate, first-class business. Families are being destroyed as we speak because of the new family migration rules; and their only options now are to separate or struggle to settle in some other country. The solution is not to restrict all non-EU citizens from attempting to work, study or settle in the U.K with their partners or families. But to take action against those specific individuals who wish to distort the country’s cultural, political and social advantages, inspite of their ethnic backgrounds, and that may just be the most sincere manner of dealing with such an issue. Diversity must be welcomed within any country for it to flourish with grander and more stimulating ventures! Where immigrants may express, practise and develop their abilities in any worthwhile position!

Reducing net migration in the U.K is a simple guise behind the Home Secretary’s initiative towards class warfare; to protect the wealthiest of individuals, and reduce economic risk. Instead of encouraging any uprising potential, the aspiring, perfect-English-speaking, high-minded youth who wish to invest in the British community, slowly but surely. Alas! One tends to resort to Money and Power, over Character and Virtue. and that’s a right shame!

All words by May Mansour. More articles on Louder Than War by May can be found here.

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  1. You compelte morn, tou think this is ajoke for some of us british youngsters? ME ME ME ME is all you talk about, what about us ? no jobs no money no nothing, yes immigration must be reduced and its about farking time

    • If you have a second look at the article; the paragraph before the last to be specific.. you’ll realise it’s not about me at all .. It saddens me how some people are still capable of maintaining the same old mentality that has brought all the fascism racism, prejudice, discrimination, intolerance, bigotry, and HATE the world is sucked in today! Life is bigger than you and I .. and those borders you so want to protect, you’ll wish to smash down with every fibre of your soul the day you live on the other side of it, knowing there’s nothing there for you!!

      you’re a lucky man John, I wish you the best finding a decent job someday, perseverance is the key as Joe Strummer once said!


    • To everyone

      I am a British Citizen by birth living in Sydney and am looking to return to the UK after 6 years away. I am married to an Australian and we have been together for nearly 8 years, We have a two year old daughter who is British by descent. We want to return home to be closer to family.

      My only option is to find 62.5K in savings to return to my home country or to somehow get a job offer from the other side of the World worth at least 18.6K. I also must have to have earned this amount in the last year. They will only look at my salary and intention to work and not my Husbands. As a female who has been on maternity leave, the salary requirement is difficult to meet and totally unfair. They are also forcing me to work full-time when I return when it is my right to look after my child and have the option to work part-time. My Husband will be working, how else would we survive?

      They say this is to prevent people claiming benefits however a visa holder is not entitled to benefits anyway, so are they really trying to stop British Citizens from claiming benefits?

      If I were an EU Citizen, as apparently for visa purposes, British Citizens do not count, then I could bring my Hubby over to BRITAIN on a different visa, namely a Family permit, without meeting this financial requirement. A British Citizen cannot bring their family over on a family permit though yet a European can. How is this fair? I cannot wait for these rules to be challenged, they are stopping a British Citizen returning to their home Country.

      This article seems directed at racism, yet I find these rules racist towards actual British people!

      • My heart goes out for you and your family, Caroline! this entire situation is beyond stressful, and I of course pointed out in the article that it has affected overseas citizens as well as Brits living abroad or even in the U.K. and that it is absolutely discriminative against British nationals; the amount of prejudice involved within these new laws is simply absurd! It is as though the government is now only benefiting the rich and powerful in hopes of becoming a haven for those types, and a disconsolate hell for the rest; assuming the message will be received throughout these new laws; that the average-working man is no longer welcome in “their” society! But with the insane amount of complaints made by important figures around the world, and with all the online and print- articles tackling the subject, I’m sure something will be done about it soon! Let’s hope for the best, and do all we can that’s within our hands ..

    • You don’t have a job because you clearly cannot spell! Why you bothered to comment is beyond me as you clearly do not understand the issue at hand. Your attitude is ignorant and racist (probably as a result of your upbringing) and has no place in an adult discussion. I am a British citizen, born and raised here by British born parents and it is very clear that there are other factors involved in the United Kingdom’s economic and employment issues. You are the joke and it’s about farking time you farked off!

  2. Thank you for this article. It really highlights the problem of badly-informed immigration policies being pushed at the moment. Also, you underline one core issue of the matter: the definition of the immigrant as the reason why we have high unemployment and the reason why we have crimes on the street.

    There is a real problem of a non-biased political debate on immigration. Most of the time immigrant is negatively connoted as someone on benefits or taking the job of someone else. Yet, an immigrant is just someone moving to a country from which he/she is a foreign national.

    Lots of studies show that immigrants are often courageous individuals because they take the risk of leaving all they have (friends, family and business connexions) and go to some place they don’t know about (language, culture, friends) and make it happen. It takes a bit of open mindedness to leave your home and live somewhere where rules and values are different. I liked the fact you wrote that you left Egypt for the very reason that you were looking for some place more ‘liberal’ and ‘receptive’ society. You illustrate the point very well: immigrants to the UK are not going to the UK to live as they were living at home. Immigrants hope to change their lives – or else they would stay home.

    Immigrants often share the feature that are common to entrepreneurs: they are risk takers. So why assume that all immigrants are on benefits? Entrepreneurs are creators of wealth and jobs, so are immigrants often starting with ethnic shops.
    True, immigrants have to prove themselves in the new country, they have to prove they deserve the trust and they belong here by working, being part of a community, of a society, being useful and part of the bigger picture.

    I believe immigrants can bring a lot to society when Society and immigrants bring something to each other them. It has to be a win-win, not I win you lose. Rejecting immigrants just because they are immigrants (especially because they have no money to give) is just not the way to go for the economy to grow, for the society to improve and innovate.

    @May – When did you arrive here?

    • Couldn’t av said it better Josephine, I totally agree with everything you said!

      It’s not all that difficult to differentiate between mentalities befitting or suitable with foreign cultures and those that simply aren’t! I’m strictly talking about developing and third-world country citizens looking to immigrate to the U.K. but to throw us all in one pot and mark us as ignorant and poor masses that aren’t worthy of a life well lived, because we’re only going to steal jobs and go on benefits like you’ve mentioned; it’s just completely offensive! and it’s even worse for U.K citizens who simply have the right to work, to nurture and provide for their families in their own home country and their humble right to do so is rejected because they aren’t rich enough! Who’s business is it? ; their annual salaries or financial conditions in general? .. it’s their own land!!! It terribly winds me up thinking about all this.

      I’m back in London in a couple of weeks! Hopefully .. x

  3. I am an American Citizen living in the UK on a fiance visa to my British Husband. I was granted my fiance visa in May under the old laws. We followed every single law and had a beautiful wedding two weeks ago. Now technically I am not a fiance anymore I am a spouse, I wanted to extend my visa to remain in the UK with my husband but I have been informed that it is not an extension of the fiance visa but rather a new visa entirely and now we must qualify under the news laws. How is this fair? My husband lived freely in the US for five year but now because he is £1000 under the new law requirements we are now no longer allowed to live together in the UK? It infuriates us that he is a working, contributing British Citizen. He has paid into the government since he started working. The standards that allowed me to enter the country in July are now no longer valid and we are being forced to rip our family apart. We have family here, friends, my husband works full time. I volunteer in the community. I am not working because on a fiance visa you cannot work or have recourse to public funds. I would like to know how we are such a burden for the British government? I am a college graduate with two degrees. If I was granted a work status I would find a job and contribute to society. I am not here for a free hand out. I am here because I love my husband and we wanted to start our life in the UK. Britain gives single mothers a house and benefits per child…yet immigration is the problem for the deteriorating economy? I don’t think so. These news laws are terrible and it will now force British citizens out of their home country with no interest to return. This is no way to control immigration. It is discriminating. The average wage in the country is £6.08….

    • Nicole,

      Double check on that. My understanding is that you still will file under the ‘old rules’. Do NOT take what the UKBA says as they are told to push anyone from the old rules to file under the new rules. Check with a specialist, you should be able to file under the old rules.

  4. My wife and I are struggling with the new laws. I am a UK citizen born and raised and my wife is a US citizen. We have been researching and reaching out to everyone and anyone who can help. Follow my blog to see our progress httpss:// If you have a similar issue then our experiences may help you.

  5. I have always worked from day one since leaving my education brought my own house few years ago and got married this year in April from north Africa but didn’t apply for visa now am stuck either i have to wait long time (i cant visit her anymore because i have to make £18,600 right now am on £13,600 :(
    i voted for conservatives now i know they are the nasty party for sure
    this needs to be changed esp the income part

  6. No it’s not ok. British people are also facing deportation with their spouses or being split up. Children are are risk at being raised in fatherless homes. Is this fair I ask you. I myself am facing going to Bangladesh on September. We are NOT criminals and are doing everything by the book. We’re poor this is why. It is NOT fair and it is extremely discriminating to young people who get less than minimum wage than the 21s and over such as myself. It’s not just criminals they’re deporting it’s innocent people who have chosen a non-British husband or wife.

  7. I have been with my wife for 5 years,I am a British citizen,we have a young child and because of these nazi rules I have to live without my family,the pain and grief this has caused everyone in my family is unbelievable,England was once a country that championed human rights and morals,the tories have crossed a huge line.Teresa May is worse than Hitler in my book,atleast he killed off the families quickly,I get enjoy the torture of seeing my family for 5 mins each morning via skype before I go to work,I have missed by sons first Xmas and birthday all because the government want show off about immigration figures which none of the general public care about,all the rants are about the EU members coming here and stealing jobs,as the goverment cant touch them they focus on the families and children of the people who are already settled here,Teresa May and the government you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. I am an Indian citizen from an established upper class wealthy background – even I have been treated like shit on my past visits to the UK despite being very good looking, sophisticated and well travelled… I have moved around a lot in European and upper class American society – I never faced any discrimination in the world not even in China or Russia or anywhere in Europe while entering a country with the way I look, behave and carry myself….but in UK – even towards wealthy visitors they are hostile and aggressive. I have taken first class flights into Heathrow and detained on the fast track immigration lane – questioned like I am some criminal and treated so horribly by the British that now I don’t bother going there anymore. Lots of wealthy Indians I speak with face the same issues – especially if they are young and smart, travelling alone into the country. UK has a huge problem with suspecting people – the border officers and even British police are disgusting – they are totally racist bullies to the core and unnecessarily question non-european looking people. Even the police in UK has stopped me while driving or walking and questioned me despite the fact I was dressed always very wealthy and in cities like New York, Paris – the only time people stopped me on the streets were film and tv crew admiring me and wanting to interview me out of curiosity…but in London they love to insult foreigners…they need to do this to show they are still better…but never mind it’s only a matter of time before UK collapses under it’s own nonsense…they are sending a clear signal to people not to go to UK…last time I was there the taxi driver in London complained about how they are struggling…the shops and retail industry is struggling because there are no visitors to UK anymore…no one wants to go through their insulting behaviour at UK borders and be treated like a dog to spend money in that ugly country…..and why UK has such a chip on their shoulder is beyond me….besides a little part of central London the rest of the country is one big ugly S…hole….I only used to go to London to do some shopping, try the nice restaurants, spend some time doing cultural stuff etc..but with their nasty behaviour who wants to go there anymore. Now I am a frequent visitor to Paris, Zurich and Milan…in Paris the french ask me if I am a Maharaja when they learn I am from India…and in UK I don’t know what the hell they think of me. British have no class either – the majority of them are ugly unsophisticated people….they looted the world dry to build that little island and even after centuries of looting they still can’t manage their country well enough…in India they say – if you are a thief you will suspect everyone else is a thief too…that explains the British mentality.

  9. The Current Rule Just Makes Me So Angry, I Am A British Citizen, But I Cant Marry The Person I Love We Cant Live Together Because Of Tresa May!!!

  10. Hi May thanks for highlighting this issue. There is a campaign group on Facebook. Please join if you’re affected and spread the word to get these rules changed.


    Also, there’s an inquiry going on and an All Party Parliamentary group has been set up to look at the rules. It’s very important that anyone affected sends their story to this.


    Sign this petition too, and send to your friends.

  11. please change the £18,600 law i really need my husband i can’t live without him i also have an 11 months old baby with spinal deformity, i need my husband’s support.

  12. I am white British this effects on me also my husband being from Bangladesh on a student VISA. We have no hope of staying in the UK my home country and we cant go there because we cant afford it. Home office are greedy sods who charge £50 per page on their ruddy forms. They limit the hours of work students do then charge them double fees! a disgrace! I have a child of 3 who is my husbands step child and will have another baby a month before VISA expires. My family will be torn apart completely.

  13. My son was born in the uk but has lived in South Africa since being a toddler, He is now maried and has a son aged nearly 4. I came back to UK 8 years ago. Since Ive been in the UK My son has lost his father through cancer and sister due to a car accident in South Africa. He wants to return to the UK so that he can be close to me his mother and his younger brother. He and his wife do not want any claim to benefMy son but both would like to work, the salary implication in order to allow his wife to live here is totally out of reach until he gets UK qualifications in his trade of plumbing. How on earth are we going to face seeing my daughter in law go back to South Africa without her husband and young son. She has no family left in South Africa as her mother died last year. She will be a vunerable white woman alone. This rule is totally against human rights. I have been led to understand that if me son had any other European passport both he and his South African wife would be allowed to come to the UK to work. Surely this rule should be quashed even if it means passports are stamped with no public funding.

  14. Westminster

    Rt Hon Theresa May MP
    House of Commons
    SW1A 0AA
    Tel: 020 7219 5206
    Fax: 020 7219 1145

    Maidenhead Conservative Association
    2 Castle End Farm
    RG10 9XQ
    Tel: 0118 934 5433

    If you live in the Maidenhead constituency then Theresa would be happy to discuss any issues of concern at one of her regular surgeries. Please contact Theresa’s Secretary, Jenny Sharkey, on 020 7219 5206 or email

  15. Hello,

    My name is Mary DeCarlo and I am a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Birkbeck University of London’s MA Text and Performance programme. I am also an American woman engaged to an Englishman who does not earn £18,600 a year. After feeling the effects of the new spouse immigration law first hand, I began researching the plights of other couples. I want to speak out on the new financial requirement which I believe is a violation of the right to a family life. I am writing a verbatim theatre piece about the new financial requirement for spouse visas put in place by Theresa May. A verbatim play is the theatre’s version of the documentary; I would be taking direct quotes from couples, experts, and politicians to create a play that speaks to this issue. If you would be interested in making a statement for my play about your experience with the new laws, or if you know of anyone who may be interested in contributing their story to my project, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.
    I aim to focus on the ways in which the new immigration laws are affecting families and young couples. If you are interested in helping me with this project in any way you can contact me here at uk

    Many thanks and best wishes,
    Mary DeCarlo

  16. Hi guys I am a British cit married to an Iraqi man I am totally disgusted that I can’t get my husband here as I don’t tick the financial boxes I would like to know is there any sites on the net or anyone fighting this unfair wall I understand there are so many couples in this situation my husband and I are seriously looking at another country to start over please feel free to contact me via email there has to be some way we can fight this unfair ruling


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