new smu best 2021The New Smu: The best new artists in my inbox this year

Welcome to my end of year round-up, highlighting some of my very favourite tracks by new, upcoming and unsigned artists from 2021.  It’s an eclectic pic and mix of treats including everything from spooky ambient to aggressive instrumental, neo-lounge to glam pop, soulful electro to old school rock ‘n’ roll. A festive Quality Street tin of aural joy for you to binge on whilst nursing your new year’s headache.

A playlist of the tracks below can be found here.


20. Em Glasser – All I Want
Featured in September
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19. The Dept. of Phantom Limbs – Adversity Makes For Odd Bedfellows
Featured in May
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18. Heavy Broken Machines – Disruption
Featured in August
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17. Brother – EZ
Featured in March
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16. Alex Gage’s Flagship – Again Someday
Featured in March
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15. Ewan MacFarlane: Underneath Your Spell
Featured in September
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14. Devora – Body Bag
Featured in June
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13. Lauren Moon – Edge of the Moon
Featured in January
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12. The Famous Daxx – Weatherman
Featured in April
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11. Micky James – Not Okay
Featured in September
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10. Unify Separate – Dying on the Vine
Featured in January
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9. Daysormay – Ego
Featured in June
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8. Mark Fernyhough – Soundtrack to Aquaria (Music for the Julia Obst Film)
Featured in June
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7. Winkie – Burn The Town Down
Featured in May
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6. Kristian North – Halfway to Heaven
Featured in June
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5. The Great Leslie – Out Of My Hands
Featured in March
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4. Dead Freights – Sufferin’ Safari
Featured in March
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3. LAIKIPIA – The Hits Keep Coming
Featured in November
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2. L.A. PEACH – Power Trip
Featured in November
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1. Cheridomingo – Swallow
Featured in April
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If you would like to submit your music to be included in a future edition of The New Smu please email me at and include a link to your track. I don’t care if you have 25k followers or only your dog has heard it as long as it’s interesting, beautiful, weird or wonderful. A playlist of songs featured here and in previous months can be found on Spotify and YouTube.


All words by Susan Sloan. More of her work for Louder Than War is available on her archive. Find her on Instagram as @thesmureviews and view Susan’s website here.

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