The Minx

Newcastle Academy

13th March 2013

The Minx are bringing back some good old “I don’t care what you think world… listen to this!” music. Chris Haddon, with his energetic way of tunefully throwing himself about the stage; it was refreshing, new; they made you feel like you were on their side. The younger members of the crowd leaning up against the barrier, clenching onto their plastic cups of larger were smiling and nodding.

‘Beat The Bully’ started the evening with an unapologetic nod to punk bands of old, its melody got the feet tapping straight away. Haddon has an aura of a lad that doesn’t care, BUT he’s likable… what’s all that about? They make us smile, but with them not at them.

More likely to give you a beer than spit at the crowd, the evolution of the punk has become a bit more “ironed clothes” and cleaned shoes. Lads that (at the beginning of the night anyway), you’d take them home to meet your mum.

With titles like ‘I Want a War’ and ‘I Don’t Like You’ you’d expect a degree of angst, but they bring instead an understanding of what it’s like to be a young man with the same pressures and expectations there’s always been, although with a truthful melodic honest way of putting their message forward.

Chris Haddon – Vox / Guitar.
Paul Robinson – Guitar / Vox.
Steven Stuttard – Bass.
Kieran McIntyre – Keys / Vox.
Andy Evans – Drums.

All under 25 yrs.


Beat The Bully

You Can Arrest Me

Walking On My Grave

No Friends

Out The Other Ear

I Want A War

(Can You Find) My Head?

I Don’t Like You

Forest Bank

The Minx are on Facebook & on Twitter as @TheMinxBand.

All words and photos by Elspeth Moore. Find more by Elspeth on Louder Than War.


  1. Good review. Captured the energy of this top local manc band. Surely people will adopt these as the next break through from Manchester soon.


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