The Membranes play the UK’s highest ever gig, at the top of Blackpool tower

The Membranes (much loved of this parish even by those of us not in the band) recently announced that they’ll be playing the UK’s highest ever gig, at the top of Blackpool tower, on August 8th. Not only that, but it’ll also be the first time the band have played material off their new album, Dark Matter, which is slated to drop on October 27th via Cherry Red Records. More details on both these things, and a forthcoming documentary about the band, below.

In the name of full disclosure, Louder Than War boss John Robb has been a key member of The Membranes since they formed in 1977. But you probably know that, right? They’ve always had a reputation for pushing frontiers so it’ll probably come as no surprise to any of you to find out that on the 8th August they’ll attempting to claim the  record for the UK’s highest ever gig, 158 meters above ground level, in the glass observation platform at the top of Blackpool Tower.

Blackpool, of course, is the hometown of the band which makes the location is especially fitting. The tower also, we’re told, forms the central focus of an upcoming documentary about the Membranes, due for broadcast in the autumn. More details about this will be forthcoming nearer the date.

Dark Matter will be the first Membranes album for 25 years. It’s built around the Universe Explained gig they did last year where they got Higgs Boson scientists to explain the universe before the Membranes played a set to finish. It is, we’re told…

“….a melting pot of post punk, psychedelic rock, noise and drone, also harbouring neo-classical pieces, the album is an aural adventure all about the universe, tangled with an autobiographical tale of life and death.”

The band claim the album is…

“…not a rock ‘n’ roll project, but a high decibel orchestra playing discordant death disco symphonies about life and the universe and beyond. With music that varies from classic Membranes discordant noise, to drone rock epics, to neo classical orchestrated pieces to psych outs, to a walk on the dark side exercise in post punk with dark dub exercises…”

Live Dates:

  • August 8th – Blackpool Tower (‘158 live’)
  • August 23rd – Brighton Concorde 2 (the Wedding Present’s at the Seaside Festival)
  • September 13th – Wakefield Long Division Festival
  • October 21st – Helsinki
  • November – Brazil tour
  • December 3rd – Berlin


Find The Membranes website here: They can also be found on Facebook and they tweet as @membranes1.

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