The Melvins – Tres Cabrones (Ipecac Recordings)


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The Melvins new album reunites Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover with the band’s original drummer Mike Dillard,  as you would expect it’s a fun filled package of noise and strangeness , Adrian Bloxham listens to it for Louder Than War.

Here’s a thing, you know when you describe something as being like something else but on bad drugs? You know what I mean, like some new film is like Tarantino on acid or a new record is like Motorhead on speed..okay, bad example but you know what I mean don’t you? Yeah, sure you do. Well that falls flat with the Melvins, because they sound like everything is on bad everything. This whole album becomes one long weirded out, massive trip. It’s as if they need to freak out the poor squares that stumble on this record and might have heard about them through some music press article or something. I’m pretty sure that Mojo haven’t done a Melvins buyers guide but I could be wrong.

This album is probably about the Melvins three hundredth, they have been around forever and if they haven’t then music must have been pretty boring for the time until they came stumbling into view. I’ve had this on in the car now for a week or so and every time the children get in they just change it to the radio, I’m considering a mild electric shock if they try and touch the car stereo but I’m unsure how I would stand legally. They are influential to the point of a band naming themselves after the best point in a Melvins track, take a bow 2.54, and they have ground their particular sound into the brains and souls of a million musicians and delinquents.


The music is brilliant, they have great big massive more Sabbaff than Iommi riffage, they have Blacker than Black Flag punk slamalongs and they have a mutant hillbilly romp that stops just shy of obscene. The biggest nod though that I can hear is to the lunacy and off the planet feel of the good old Butthole Surfers. To be honest though, and almost serious for a brief moment, it sounds like The Melvins; and if you don’t know what that sounds like it is absolutely time that you did. Crack open a beer, dust off the bong and get this cranked up…you won’t regret it. Trust me, I’m a professional.

The Melvins website can be found here, they are also on Facebook and can be found on twitter at @melvinsdotcom.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here





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