The LTW Playlist W/C 8th August 2011 (Rebellion special)

The Louder Than War Playlist

Each week we present ”˜Six Of The Best’ ”“ the six tracks that are getting our feet tapping here at LTW Towers”¦ They can be brand new; they can be old ”“ either way they are vying for space on the stereo!!
This weekend LTW decamped to Blackpool for the Rebellion Festival ”“ so this week the playlist is comprised of ten bands (well six wouldn’t be enough!) who provided some festival highlights.

Playlist W/C 8th August 2011

Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine ”“ ”˜Dot com Monte Carlo”˜ ”“ Taken from the recently released second album ”˜Enhanced Method’s Of Questioning’ ”“ Difficult to describe just how impactive Jello & Co. were (Review) by far his finest material post Dead Kennedy’s. Not surprisingly Jello doesn’t do promo video’s!!

A.T.V ”˜ Action Time & Vision’ ”“ One of the earliest ”˜punk’ bands – front-man Mark Perry still found time to insult huge sections of the audience!

The Cravats ”˜In Your Eyes’ ”“ The Cravats took to the Bizarre Bazaar stage on the Friday night, and easily demonstrated that they continue to push the boundaries even after all this time (Review). ”˜In Your Eyes’ was initially released in October 1980 on Small Wonder Records.

Subhumans ”˜Subvert City’ Subhumans just get stronger and stronger- Headlined Saturday night on the Olympia stage. Like Biafra, not really a band for promo video’s ”“ this footage being taken from a 2005, now deleted video “All Gone Live”

Toyah ”˜Ieya’ ”“ Toyah took to the stage Friday night and played a set of predominately early material including ”˜Ieya’ which was first released by Safari Records in May 1980 ”“ none of the YouTube clips adequately demonstrate just how good this was.

Street Dogs ”˜Rattle and Roll’ ”“ Took to the Ballroom Stage Saturday evening, within minutes had created the biggest circle pit of the entire weekend. Opening track from their current self titled album on Hellcat Records.

TV Smith ”˜True Believers’ ”“ TV Smith played a powerful acoustic set (accompanied by Leigh Heggerty) drawing material from The Adverts, Explorers and his more recent solo offerings. ”˜True Believers’ is taken from his recently released album ”˜Coming Into Land’

Bouncing Souls ”˜True Believers’ TV Smith isn’t the only artist with a track called ”˜True Believers’ ”“ Bouncing Souls took to the Ballroom stage Friday night, this track being one of the sets highlights..

Eastfield ”˜Another Boring Eastfield Song’ ”“ One of the best Eastfield performances, and witnessed by a huge crowd who (shock, horror) saw Jessie assume ”˜rock star’ posturing as he leapt from the drum riser! New album ”˜Detonation Junction’ is out now ”“ full Eastfield interview to follow soon.

Strawberry Blondes ”˜Rise Up’ – The Blondes continue to divide opinion; however Saturdays performance on The Arena stage showed that live they know what they are doing.
Title track from their first album released by Deck Cheese Records in 2007.

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  1. The bad thing about Rebellion is you can’t see everyone! I went for the old bands that I saw when I was 16 and (I suppose unsurprisingly) they were pretty much all a disappointment. Other than the Damned, due to David Vanian really. One of the strongest voices in punk and a great showman.

    Street Dogs and the Bouncing Souls (including their lead singer’s Ian Brown impersonation) were great. Plus I saw a whole load of bands I’d never heard live before, most of whom were really good.

    But – and I ask you as a man who knows punk – what’s the deal with Cock Sparrer? Every other person had on their merch, most of the people I spoke to were really keen to see them, and it was absolutely rammed with all ages. But…but… it didn’t seem so different as to merit this level of mad devotion.

    What am I missing?

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