The Lovely Eggs ‘Wildlife’ – album review

The Lovely Eggs ‘€˜Wildlife’ (Egg Records)
Released 26th November 2012

Third album from the Lancastrian odd couple; and in this context the term odd couple is entirely appropriate, firstly said Lovely Eggs are made up of husband and wife Holly Ross and David Blackwell, secondly the songs that create are unusual, quirky, with bizarre lyrical themes; in short odd!

But odd is good, and in the case of this eighteen track own label release odd is really very very good; opening with the already released single ‘Allergies’ immediately setting the tone, it’s got everything you could ask for in a pop song strident melodies, loud, quiet and a distinctive voice, battling over crashing drums, at times its lo-fi which crashes through a C86 party, before the effects pedals kick in with a dash of twisted psychadelia; and all of this is forgetting the lyric, delivered in deadpan northern tones, the lengthening of the phrase “you’ve got allergieeeeeeees” to ludicrous lengths is a moment of genius…


’Don’t Patent That Shoe’ is 53 seconds of twee guitar riff interspersed with some seriously deranged screeching as Holly lambasts herself for making such errors as hammering a nail, or standing on a snail with, all of which just about prepares you for ‘The Undertone’ a raging guitar riff, backed by some frantic drumming that sounds like something early Shonen Knife might have dreamt up…the contrast between twee indie pop and punk noise is wonderfully demonstrated during ‘I Just Want Someone To Fall In Love With’ a frankly charming tale of lost love, the narrative is pitched in the past as Holly tells of not being able to reach her lover on the telephone; so instead of checking for a signal she goes outside to check the cable and finds a bird pecking at the connection; the Eggs deliberate rejection of the trappings of the modern world and her (surely) accentuated Northern drawl, (just how many r’s feature in lurve?) only further defines them as Technicolor outsiders not even bothering to look in.

Their dislocation from the rest of pop continues a pace, the 8sec ‘David’s Turn’ which is exactly that, as he seizes the lead vocal pleading to continue until he goes off key…lasting, well I think you can work it out..the entire album is riddled with pop-sensibility, moments of insanity – just what the hell is ‘Scooters Got Itchy About’ though after 50secs of hurling yourself about will you care?

No one is left in any doubt quite what ‘Green Beans’ refers to and features a genuine telephone ring as Holly attempts to find a suitor with the promise of vegetables!! Food features heavily throughout as the previously released ‘Food’ a punkish buzz saw thrash that links love and sex with…food shows – but there’s no 9 ½ Weeks here; this is all sausage & mash, burgers, beans, and stuffed olives and must be the only pop song ever to feature the word mastication…anyone for sloshing?


‘Cigarettes’€™ sounds like a children’€™s nursery rhyme – though one with a dark message, Holly’€™s lilting vocal delivered over a simple squeeze box, as she recounts the number of cigarettes she has remaining…the all to brief title track is essentially a list of animals that can be found in a backyard with the sounds of said creatures in the background; its seriously oddball, and as an individual track could so easily be dismissed, but within context of the album as a whole works perfectly…’Idiot Check’ is exactly that, as Holly and David prepare to leave for a gig they record their check list, numbering off guitar, lead before referring to each other “idiot…check, idiot…check” all of which further demonstrates that they refuse to take themselves seriously, and rejects the art rock tag that has been levelled at them.

‘Wildlife’ is The Lovely Eggs doing their own thing, this is their band, they do exactly what they like regardless of trends and opinion, and this album is your invitation into their world – it’s a wonderfully engaging album, it’s got moments of pop genius, it’s splattered with lo-fi simple quirkiness, its fuzzy pop and is entirely adorable.

The Lovely Eggs are on tour throught November including an all-ages show at Sat Nov 24th – Rough Trade East

November Wildlife UK Tour

Fri Nov 16th – The Arden Road Social Club, Halifax
Weds Nov 21st – Start The Bus, Bristol
Thurs Nov 22nd – Barfly, London
Fri Nov 23rd – Blind Tiger, Brighton
Sat Nov 24th – Rough Trade East All Ages Show (1pm), London
Sat Nov 24th – Saks Underground, Southend
Sun Nov 25th – The Wagon And Horses, Birmingham
Mon Nov 26th – The Soundhouse Album Launch Party, Leicester
Tues Nov 27th – The Adelphi, Hull
Weds Nov 28th – The Green Room, Stockton
Thurs Nov 29th – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
Fri Nov 30th – The Roadhouse, Manchester
Sat Dec 1st – The Head Of Steam, Newcastle
Sun Dec 2nd – The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

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