The Lost Souls Club: High Noon EP – album review

The Lost Souls Club-High Noon EP (C-sounds)
Out Now

Moody Southampton fuzz rockers, The Lost Souls Club, has released a new EP that agrees with LTW’s Alana Turk need to brood.

After touring the UK, Asia and Australia last year, The Lost Souls Club have already had a great reception and it seems they are one to watch out for in the coming months. Having signed to JL Booking agency, the band are now touring their recently released debut EP, ‘High Noon’.

‘High Noon’ begins with live-favourite ‘Romeo’. The song consists of an extremely catchy bass riff and intense guitar, alongside some impassioned vocals by Jon Tufnell. The “fuzzy rock” aspect of the music and vocals creates an alluring appeal and simply leaves you wanting more. ‘Romeo’ proves to be a great opening track, which sets the tone – and the bar – nicely for the rest of the EP.

Next up is ‘Kiss Away The Sun’, which sees ‘High Noon’ shift down a few gears in tempo. The song creates quite a dreamy atmosphere but with a certain dark and mysterious edginess to it. Melodic and extremely charismatic, this track can be considered as the calm before the storm that is ‘Shoot Me Down’. Drums and low echoing notes dominate the opening of this song, which – teamed with the rougher vocals and extra fuzzy distortion on the guitars – make for a harder track than any other on the EP.


Although you wouldn’t expect it when first reading the title, ‘We’re All Gonna Die Anyway’ is surprisingly upbeat and fun. However, this is The Lost Souls Club we’re talking about, and their songs just aren’t complete without some form of melancholy. Looking past the infectious riffs and energetic beats, despair once again emanates from the shadows of the lyrics.

Final track of the EP ‘I Know I Spoke Too Soon’ is much slower than the rest. Beautifully haunting, this song manages to bring the listener back to reality with its mellow tones, delicate drum beats and themes of human regret – a great way to wake up from the erratic dream-like state created by the preceding tracks.

All in all, The Lost Souls Club offer a refreshing sound compared to some of the typical bands being churned out today. The strong reverb, fuzz and sleazy vocals make for an intense, yet incredibly easy, listen. Definitely one to check out if you’re in the mood for a bit of brooding.

Check out The Lost Souls Club at their official website, on Facebook, twitter, SoundCloud and bandcamp.

Words by Alana Turk. More writing by Alana on Louder Than War can be found here.

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