David Devant and his Spirit Wife are to headline a massive glam party in London’s 100 Club on New Year’s Eve.

Backing the blustery Bowiesque bewigged balladeer will be Proxy Music, Jonny Cola & The A-Grades, The Inevitable Pinhole Burns, Andi Fragg, Rebekah Delgado and more. The gig kicks off at 7.30pm and will roll on into the wee hours.

The last ever New Year’s Eve in London?

Promoters Complete Control say: “As you will know, the world ends in May 2012. This is a certainty, it really will this time. No…really.

“So for your last ever New Year’s Eve connect with the other side in preparation for the inevitable. And be fabulous whilst about it. David Devant and his Spirit Wife form the centrepiece of the greatest party in the greatest city at the greatest venue in the entire known world.

“And if you’re not there you’ll never get the chance again.”

Tickets are available from www.wegottickets.com… or do some snooping around some individual band Facebook pages for special entry deals.

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