The Kopek Millionaires ‘All I Want For Christmas’ – EP review…


The Kopek Millionaires ‘All I Want For Christmas’ (Kopek Records)
Available now & up to midnight 25th December 2015

The first issue – when do you review a Christmas release? If you were to take a lead from some of the shops, this would have been reviewed prior to Halloween, surely we have to get past Bonfire Night before we even begin to consider Christmas, perhaps the 1st December, or the first full weekend of December, so maybe the 5/6th – but then its lost within the tat onslaught…so, as the debate rumbles on here we go with LTW’s first acknowledgement of the Season of Goodwill.

Over the last couple of years The Kopek Millionaires annual Christmas release has become something of a tradition, nestling snuggly up to naff jumpers, gaudy decorations and enforced fun; for 2015 Johny Skullknuckles gathered his Kopek Millionaires around a roaring fire, broke open a dusty bottle of Advocaat and (sort of) entered the Christmas spirit…well with a rabble rousing chorus of “Its Merry Christmas, so fuck you one and all…Its Merry Christmas, so fuck you one and all” its clear Skullknuckles won’t be playing Santa anytime soon!

Our be-quiffed Grinch has however crafted an EP that launches you full pelt into the spirit of seasonal ridiculousness, title track ‘All I Want For Christmas’ opens with a kids Bontempi keyboard and sleigh bells before exploding into a glammed up good-natured piss-take as Skullknuckles declares Dickensian style that all he wants for Christmas is to “be alone”, its fist pumpingly good stuff, sure to bring a wry smile to the Bah-Humbugs amongst you, the final drop down to leave the obligatory cutesy children’s voices chanting “so fuck you one and all” is a seasonal delight.

‘Another Friday Night’ mines The Kopek Millionaires love of Hanoi Rocks scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll, a perfectly paced chugger this one with a neat guitar solo perfectly complimenting Skullknuckles impassioned vocal, whilst ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ is a stripped down acoustic belter complete with tambourines and subtle harmonies – that eggnog was clearly doing it’s thing, the ideal moment to catch your breath before the festive message is hammered home with ‘Christmas Girl 2015’ a reworking of the bands 2013 winter warmer as Skullknuckles asks “Will you be my Christmas girl – oh my Christmas girl, I’ll give you my world if you’ll be my, Christmas girl my Christmas girl, You got my head in a whirl (Your such a beautiful girl)” – I loved it 2yrs ago, and love it now – its crass, tasteless, a veritable blizzard of festive cheer – and therefore it’s Christmas!!

Ho ho ho!!


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