As i sit here in the golf club I shake my head wearily.

What is the world coming to…When a man cannot go on the internet and make jokes about a woman? People are getting uppity about this feminist getting insulted on twitter but we live in a free society and we should have the freedom to go on twitter and say stuff about a feminist and we should be free to do it under an assumed name! After all the wife may find out and that would cause trouble.

These feminists are everywhere these days telling us what to do and it’s time to make a stand and I will make that stand now and write this blog before the wife gets in and tells me to get off the internet.

If I want to go on twitter and make jokes about some feminist type who wants a woman on our pound notes then I should be allowed to. It’s free society. That’s the sort of freedom our ancestors fought wars for- the freedom to insult women.

What will they want next? We have given up so much for them- we let them wear trousers (quite literally) we let them have jobs, we let them into our golf clubs, we even seem to be allowing them to do sport these days, we even let them read the news and now they want to be on our money- what next? Are we going to allow all types of other animals on our notes as well?

It’s time for men to make a stand and show who is boss in our society. It’s time to go on twitter and be a warrior and do it under an assumed name because i don’t want the wife to find out what I’m up to.

I’m not sexist right, i love women in the right place. This thing about putting a woman on a pound note is yet another chipping away at our male rights. Surely what goes on our money is up to us and not some hairy arsed feminist type. Women want to be everywhere nowadays and these attention seekers should know that things like who appears on our notes is up to everybody and it should be a man that decides and not end up with some woman writer called Jane Austen on the notes that we have never heard of.

It’s no coincidence that history, like comedy, is about men and there are hardly any famous women to put on the notes. It’s no coincidence that history is written by men, women can’t write can they? So there are no famous women to out on notes and if all they can find to out on there is this Jane Austen character then that’s a sorry state of affairs isn’t it?

People say the queen is on the coins and she is a woman and you don’t complain but that’s different, she is not like the rest of us she works really hard for us all and deserves to be on the money. She is like a holy being, descended from god and all that, a different type of human.

We say leave our money alone!

Whatever will we have next? A woman prime minister?

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