The Jam's The Gift gets super deluxe box set release

It’s thirty years since The Jam called it a day and this super deluxe box set of their last studio album, and their only number one album, The Gift marks the anniversary.

The box set of The Gift will be released on 19 November 2012 through Universal and comes in either a 2cd or super deluxe edition.

The last of The Jam‘s studio albums saw Paul Weller striving for perfection but also moving away from their trademark sound and toward the soul and funk he would go on to explore further with the Style Council.

The Gift was the band’s only number one album and featured classics such as A Town Called Malice and Carnation.

Associates have since speculated it was Weller’s increasing belief that the band should break up that drove him to frantically perfect The Gift; if they were to end the band, their last album should be their best.

With four discs in the super deluxe edition not only is the original album and b sides included but bonus discs of demos and alternate tracks, a live recording from their 3 December 1982 Wembley show and a DVD of promo videos and TV appearances.

The deluxe edition also includes the last few singles – Great Depression, Bitterest Pill and Beat Surrender.

You can order the 2 cd edition here, the super deluxe edition here or visit the online box set store here.

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  1. great band the Jam, people forget/don’t realise how important they were in the early days of punk. Of course nowadays an entire generation sees them as a’Mod’ band because of Weller but anyone who was around in 77 will tell you they were seen as a’punk’ band in terms of the context of 1977. I was never a great fan of their latter material but i always respected them and thought they had stayed true to the ‘punk ideals’, more so than, say, the later Clash. Definitely one of Britain’s great bands whatever you see them as.


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