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Praise be to Lucifer, The Jackobins have finally secured a record deal! Indier than thou label Zy Records have decided to take a chance on these scouse whippersnappers with an ear for an unimaginably catchy chorus, a chance almost guaranteed to reap rewards if this recording is anything to go by, surely the first in a long line of planet-conquering pieces of quadruple platinum rock-pop perfection.

Continuing their new found obsession with the synth, Outside is a bold statement; a hard-as-nails yet tender slice of organ drenched disco flavoured electro rock, as poppy as a barrel of popping candy yet intense enough to win over the enormo dome filling devil sign flashing rock hordes, and seductive enough to win over your dancing partner of choice at your local indie club night. It’s a bit like Depeche Mode jamming with MGMT and Inspiral Carpets with Nile Rodgers manning the controls, with a nihilistic synth throb underbelly weirdly reminiscent of legendary NY electro-doom duo Suicide. It’s a mad ride into the unknown, an arduous journey into space in a glitter filled rocket, scouring the universe in search of new worlds.

The Jackobins have done it again. Outside is a surefire chart troubler; as memorable as an elephant, as glamorous as a Prada catwalk model, as danceable as Pan’s People on disco biscuits, and as thrilling as kidnapping Boris Johnson, nailing him to the floor and bouncing up and down on his straw haired, swivel-eyed, Auric Goldfinger meets Sad Sack from The Raggy Dolls features with a giant corkscrew-tipped pogo stick. Stand back, foul bigots, The Jackobins are beginning their long awaited voyage into the realms of superstardom. No mercy for swine.

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