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Scouse sextet The Jackobins are back with a bullet, here to shag the airwaves once again with their latest summer single. And what a single!

Packed with more vitamin c than an orange tree, ‘Hasty’ is a sixties-infused stomper with a foot firmly in 2016, a Freakbeat mod anthem for the Pokemon Go generation. The Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired artwork perfectly sums up the song; theatrical, giddy, fun, camp and more than a little risque, the heavy duty Maximum R&B bass and whacked out Hendrix-meets-Spector guitar adding steel to the smut and folly. Dominic Bassnet (a 21st century rock messiah if ever I saw one) is blessed with one of the most expansive, dazzlingly extrovert singing voices out there, the perfect foil here to lead guitarist Veso’s eye watering psychedelic riffing and John Whittingham’s ‘Nuggets’  flavoured garage keys. It’s a heady concoction if ever I heard one, a summer special brew of such potency you might find yourself wobbling after first listen. I certainly did.

I’ve said it before, it can only be a matter of time before The Jackobins conquer the planet. They’ve got the whole package; youthful good looks, killer tunes, rock ‘n’ roll attitude and more energy than Usain Bolt after a binge on Bovril, Speed and Lucozade. Put simply, if they don’t make it big on a global scale within a year or two then I shall pickle my favourite sun hat and change my name to Richard Starkey, THAT’S a promise! I don’t throw sun hats into the equation lightly either.

You can buy Hasty on iTunes

You can reach The Jackobins at their official site . They can also be found on Facebook  and Twitter.

Words by Sean Diamond, read more from Sean at his authors archive.


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