The History Of Apple Pie, Entertainment, Hot Glass
Green Door Store, Brighton
15th Feb. 2013

Not all that long ago, LTW reviewed The History of Apple Pie’s new album of noisy, 90’s alternative rock. Our Simon Kvalheim checked out their live show recently in Brighton.

A good crowd assembled at The Green Door Store for this gig featuring up and coming hopefuls The History Of Apple Pie. The whole gig felt like a throwback to the late 80s, early 90s.

First up, Hot Glass are a local Brighton band who are firmly based in the 90’s “shoegaze” scene. A short set featuring tunes from recently released EP ‘I Wouldn’t Forget’, Hot glass are really a one man project for leader Ryan Balch. They reminded me of Ride and probably deserve a good future.

Second act, Entertainment, are a London band. Their specialty seems to be dual vocals and they came across as a more Rocky version of The Last Shadow Puppets. It seems that recordings are in progress at the moment and they may be another band to watch in the future. Certainly the front man is full of confidence,so no problems there.


Headliners,The History Of Apple Pie,are one of this years big hopefuls, and on this showing it’s easy to see why. Recent album ‘Out Of View’ is one of this years great debuts and the band kick up a snarling noise from the off. The set is, not surprisingly, drawn from the new album. Highlights include the single ‘Mallory’,’I Want More’ and the brilliant ending song ‘Before You Reach The End’, which closes with a feedback drenched climax reminding me of Radiohead evergreen ‘Creep’.

Recent comparisons to Lush and the 90’s shoegaze scene seem lazy. On this showing, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth would appear a better template. It would seem that The History Of Apple Pie have a great future ahead of them and I would not expect them to be playing small venues for much longer. Catch them while you can.

I left with ears ringing, always a sign that a gig was good, and History Of Apple Pie are a great band. Great gig.

‘The Warrior’
‘See You’
‘Do It Wrong’
‘I Want More’
‘Before You Reach The End’

Head over to Facebook to check out Hot Glass and The History of Apple Pie.

Words by Simon Kvalheim. More writing by Simon on Louder Than War can be found here.

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