Cliff is these days more known for schmaltz and tennis but once he made this brilliant rock n roll single – perhaps the best British rock n roll single…

‘Move It’ was written by Ian Samwell and was initially slated to be the B-side of Cliffs first single “Schoolboy Crush” – Thankfully somebody saw sense and flipped the tracks about. “Move It” was released 29th August 1958 and became Cliff’s first hit, though it only ever reached No.2 in the UK Chart.


  1. Can I be pedantic and say that at this time they were ‘The Drifters’ and not ‘The Shadows’

    • correction noted…

      I knew that but one of my editorial board added the Shadows in for some reason- they will be taken out and shot or made to listen to Cliff’s post Move It catalogue…

  2. A great song but it didn’t go wrong so suddenly for Cliff, his late 70s comeback produced some great surreal pop too, Green Light for instance, then the hip Wired for Sound…admittedly it all went a bit gluey after that.

  3. No disputing this was the first decent British rock’n’roll single and it did cause an uproar at the time (including in the NME!) But let’s not forget Vince Taylor & The Playboys’ Brand New Cadillac which came soon after, which kind of blew it away, followed by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates’ Shakin’ All Over (featuring most of the same musicians as Brand New).

      • My writing days are behind me I think! But I would say that in my opinion the Shadows set the agenda for most everything that followed in the UK. And the music still sounds as fresh as the day it was recorded.


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