The great Wilko Johnson manages to play live againWilko Johnson who is suffering from terminal cancer and had to cancel a couple of shows last month has heroically managed to play a gig with more planned as he defies the disease.

He joined The Roosters for a couple of songs at their gig at the Railway in Southend on Saturday. Check Wilko’s Facebook for twitter/video links. Great news! Cheers

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  1. Wilko was and is a genius. He deserves much more acclaim as a musician and character than he has received but I am sure the bandwagon will roll for a while. Dr Feelgood was a great band but never the same after Wilko. Wilko howver contuned with many great songs but anyonee who has heard the live version of When Im gone will never forget it…how he scapes his fingers across the strings is the most unique style of playing I have ever heard. In my view as a guitarist he ranks up there with the Hendrix, Clapton and Woods. God Bless you Wilko.


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