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With 4000 parties planned compared to the astonishing 40 000 for Chaz and Di’s wedding the so called ”˜wave of national interest’ is not quite what it seems.

There is a further interesting statistic with a North/South divide.

Is this a tale of two countries?

Whilst the Royal Wedding will sort of packing out the streets in London with more than 500 street parties on April 29, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle will muster only 28 between them.

London – 500
Hertfordshire – 132
Kent – 85
West Sussex – 80
Bristol – 53
Cardiff – 35
Scotland – 20 in total! (10 in Edinburgh- The only street party planned for Glasgow has been cancelled due to lack of interest)
Manchester – 13
Newcastle – 11
York – 7
Liverpool – 4
Stoke – 3
Wolverhampton – 3
Stafford – 2


    • What are you trying to prove, exactly? It’s quite obvious that there’d be more parties held in London, the capital city of England, the destination of the Royal Wedding.(People won’t travel to Rotherham to have a street party, silly)

      This could be applied to any national event/city. I can guarantee there was more excitement, economic growth etc generated in Manchester during the Commonwealth Games than there was in London.

      Makes sense, see?

      I am from the north and have lived in the evil south for many years. Whilst I am fiercely proud of my heritage, I am sick of the snobbery towards the south. Let me tell you, there is more directed down here; northern folk are desperate to keep the ‘north/south divide’ alive.

      Yes, northern people are friendlier. Yes, northern people had it harder 20 years ago.

      But now? It saddens me that there is still a self-pitying, ‘woe is me’ attitude. Isn’t it about time we all just got happy?

  1. I think you may have the wrong end of the stick here. It doesn’t seem to be apiece about the north/south snobbery thing. It’s an interesting statistic that is quite telling though. I can’t see where the ‘self-pitying, \’woe is me\’ attitude’ is…have you just made that bit up?

  2. There are virtually no parties planned at all in north Wales, and not a single one on the whole of Anglesey, where the couple actually live.
    They are particularly disliked in these parts, not helped by their habit of getting local shops closed to the public whenever they want to do their shopping… as happened in Waitrose only this morning!

  3. the royal family are the ultimate scroungers should scoland ever get it independance i hope they annex the north and north east if not i will move to scotland. human rights act gives the uk government power to kill rioters and any armed uprising and the armed forces are loyal to the royal family that bunc of dirty scroungers.

  4. The only reason (in my humble opinion) that the city of Bristol where I reside is so high up there in the list is cos of its street part culture anyway, where many streets close annually for a community get together…(a great idea really) so organising another is not really to do with any royalty loyalty, rather any excuse for a party!!! (although at the suggestion of our street having one, I politely declined, saying id rather b out of the country, or out in the countryside, getting away from it all…
    I don’t know, perhaps it is a north south divide, or perhaps its just me, but other than feeling proud to be a Geordie, I’ve never felt English in any shape or form.


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