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Not only is the cover of this book the best piece of artwork I’ve seen this year  but the book itself   is a definitive guide  to undergound art culture and is a fascinating trawl though the great outside art.

Ian Lowey and Suzy Prince are well placed to write the book with their long term involvement in the scene and have pulled together a guide through a complex and thrilling culture and made sense of the great art that follows no rules and thrills the eys.


The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural History by Ian Lowey & Suzy Prince (Bloomsbury / 2014) showcases the visual art and graphic design that has emanated from a series of iconoclastic, underground youth movements within Western pop culture since the 1950s, and which have challenged the perceived social and cultural complacency of the establishment. The book developed out of a series of lectures delivered by the authors at Manchester’s Cornerhouse arts centre, and takes the reader on a colourful and provocative journey through the art of Californian custom car decoration (KustomKulture), psychedelia, underground comix and countercultural magazines, punk graphics, Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist art, designer vinyl toys and indie crafting.


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