Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 : photo Hayley Taylor
Morrissey live in Manchester 2012 : photo Hayley Taylor

The full Morrissey statement on Margaret ThatcherThe full Morrissey statement on Margaret Thatcher: here it is printed in full…from True To You a Morrissey ‘zine:

“The difficulty with giving a comment on Margaret Thatcher’s death to the British tabloids is that, no matter how calmly and measuredly you speak, the comment must be reported as an “outburst” or an “explosive attack” if your view is not pro-establishment. If you reference “the Malvinas”, it will be switched to “the Falklands”, and your “Thatcher” will be softened to a “Maggie.” This is generally how things are structured in a non-democratic society.

Thatcher’s name must be protected not because of all the wrong that she had done, but because the people around her allowed her to do it, and therefore any criticism of Thatcher throws a dangerously absurd light on the entire machinery of British politics. Thatcher was not a strong or formidable leader. She simply did not give a shit about people, and this coarseness has been neatly transformed into bravery by the British press who are attempting to re-write history in order to protect patriotism.

As a result, any opposing view is stifled or ridiculed, whereas we must all endure the obligatory praise for Thatcher from David Cameron without any suggestion from the BBC that his praise just might be an outburst of pro-Thatcher extremism from someone whose praise might possibly protect his own current interests. The fact that Thatcher ignited the British public into street-riots, violent demonstrations and a social disorder previously unseen in British history is completely ignored by David Cameron in 2013.

In truth, of course, no British politician has ever been more despised by the British people than Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday will be heavily policed for fear that the British tax-payer will want to finally express their view of Thatcher. They are certain to be tear-gassed out of sight by the police.

United Kingdom? Syria? China? What’s the difference?”

9 April 2013

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Absolute claptrap, none of it stands up to scrutiny, but then what can one expect for a Communist apologist like him, and his music was shite.

  2. What is the point of making comments to Morrissey that are insulting on a personal level??
    Is it really so difficult to discuss the issues that he raises, without the sneer of the playground bully?

    • “If you reference “the Malvinas”, it will be switched to “the Falklands””….The Falklands has never been called ‘Las Malvinas’, it has always been ‘The Falkland Islands’…and it has never been Argentine Sovereign territory…EVER so maybe he should go read the history books before talking such drivel.

    • “no British politician has ever been more despised by the British people than Margaret Thatcher”…rather an odd statement given she won 3 General Elections dont you think. And I can tell you that he doesnt speak for me as a ‘British Person’ so this again is a non truth as there are many British persons who were inspired by her and admired her.

    • “United Kingdom? Syria? China? What’s the difference?”…what an absolutely ridiculous and stupid comparison to make. When did we ever massacre our citizens in the main square of a major city?
      There Robin, have I addressed some of the points in a grown up manner for you

      • Very fair points and well made Michael….
        I am also guilty of going off on the deep end on the internet…. its possibly best to do as I say and not as I do, ….

  3. Not sure the comparison with Syria stands up, I don’t see genocide taking place in the UK, also it’s a lot colder.

  4. And Micheal if you could please address me as “She who must be obeyed” in future… that too much to ask?

  5. Those that were comfortably off during Thatcher’s time, had a very different view to those that were made jobless, poor, miserable or homeless, or were just starting out in life as the 1 in 10 unemployed!

    I consider it the final insult, that she is being given what is effectively a state funeral and at the expense of the tax-payer too. It is completely inappropriate when Camoron is thrusting austerity down our throats on a daily basis. Look at the state of our country now, some saving! Thanks to Ms T. as members of the EU we hand over millions every week and have to suffer endless immigrants to this country, yes not only did she destroy British industry, but she took us into the EU on a lie. Then there was her ever patronizing voice, probably why they rarely actually play her talking on TV! and no I’m not a lefty, just an ordinary citizen of this country, who saw the truth.

    • Errr, it was Ted Heath who took us into the EEC. Thatcher was fairly anti-Europe (against the grain at the time) and famously handbagged them into submission for a rather large rebate that they still choke over every year. British industry had been in severe decline for 70-some years before she started to put it out of its misery and began creating the conditions that would allow us to lead the next industrial revolution. History means nothing to socialists, but that’s mainly because it isn’t on their side…

  6. If you would like to sign the petition against the taxpayer paying for this the follow the link:

  7. @ Michael – the ‘Falklands’ went through several names, given by passing sailors who sighted them but didn’t land, until the French settled in 1764, calling them the ‘Malouines’ after the port of St. Malo that they so often set off across the Atlantic from, so they certainly haven’t ‘always’ been ‘The Falkland Islands’ and ‘Malvinas’ is just an alternative version of ‘Malounes.’ Also, winning an election doesn’t require an absolute majority, so someone who wins elections can still be hated by the majority of the population. I don’t know if the majority hate Thatcher, but my suspicion is that more people hated her than supported her. Glenda Jackson received 9 emails praising her speech in the commons for every one criticising it.

    @Little George – How did Thatcher begin, ‘creating the conditions that would allow us to lead the next industrial revolution,’ and when is that next industrial revolution set to occur? British Industry certainly had been in decline, so instead of shoring it up, she sacrificed the trade tariffs that protected it in the name of ‘free markets’ and let what little manufacturing there was left in the UK flee to sweatshops in the far east. That’s why for the last 30 years the Brits have been buying cheap imports on credit (as they no longer have any substantial production to pay for them with), running up larger and larger debts which can never be paid off until the country begins to produce something again. And don’t start spouting that rubbish about banking being one of the most ‘productive’ sectors of the UK economy – a bank has never produced anything, and if you are thinking about ‘buying’ a ‘product’ from a bank then you’d do well to remember the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes (what banks offer are financial ‘services’ NOT investment ‘products.’ If you’re not sure, just look up the definitions of ‘produce’ ‘production’ and ‘product’).

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