The first 10 punk singles bought by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans

Tim Burgess has always been a fan of punk.

A music nut, he is a fan of most forms of music but punk was the formative music that really affected him in his youth and set him off on the trail.

We knew a long time ago about his love of punk so we were intrigued by the first punk singles he went out and bought when he was actually 10/11 years old- one of the mini army of pre teens captivated by the form, so we asked him and he sent back his list of first punk singles that he purchased.

meanwhile check out Tim’s musical adventures on his twitter





Tim : ‘There is No Pistols, mostly cos all my mates had Never Mind The Bollocks

The first Sex Pistols single I bought was ……………….ahem !! C’mon Everybody

anyway……………sure it’s a little wonky memory wise towards the end and I remember buying first PIL single but hey here it is as honestly as I remember and I did include The Jam.

Follow this link for the first punk single that Tim Burgess bought with comments from Louder Than War on each song.





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